Why I missed out on a weekend $22,000 lottery win, and 5 lessons you can learn from me


How did you get on with last weekend’s game?

I missed out winning over $22,000 in a weekend game – because I was too busy to play. My numbers came in, but my tickets (and brain) were on holiday!

I don’t have an excuse. I had a trip up country the following day but I just didn’t get round to buying the tickets as I tell everyone else to.

Like me, Kumaran missed out playing… and there’s $500,000 he’ll never see:

Hi Ken, Just thought I update you. The good news is 5 out of 6 (and the additional number) were in, in the last draw. The bad news is I had not bought the tickets. I’ll be persistent from this time onwards… How do you do it Ken? Rgds Kumaran

And of course there’s my friend Lester R who missed out on $1 million! You can see his sob story at the Testimonials page.

While any miss is disappointing, there are plenty of fish in the sea… many more opportunities in the next game, and the next. You’ve just got to climb back on the horse and try again.

Some players find it hard to bounce back after a losing streak. Others blame the weather or bad luck.

Sorry friend, it’s all down to how often you play!

Here’s how anyone can improve their persistence in 5 simple steps:

1) Believe that your winning day will come. As you’ve seen in the many testimonials on my web sites, my System works for many people. These winners to continue to play even when the last game was a no-win. They know the power of the System. They have stickability and persistence… and sooner or later it pays off.

2) Refuse to acknowledge misses. Whenever there are top people in their field, you can bet they got there through determination. Not all of them are exceptionally gifted, they’re just hugely focused. Most have lost big-time in their lives, but fought on to make a comeback. Read any book on any of life’s winners and you will discover the same thing… they all possess a gritty determination against huge odds. I get a few emails from Silverites who whine and whinge about not getting any wins, or having to pay too much. If they only realized that the lottery is the ONLY way to gain millions of dollars for less than the cost of a hamburger, they would sing a different tune!

3) Have a bigger goal. If you give up too soon, it’s probably because you haven’t set your winning target high enough. Tell yourself you are going to make it in two months! Then plan to make your winning a reality by playing more in the games that give you the best chance.

4) Get a ritual going. Go down to your local lottery shop at the same time each week. Go with the same friend each time. Park in the same spot if you can (or like me, walk – it’s better for you). See the same assistant to have your tickets processed. Buy a paper and have a coffee afterwards in the same shop. These small rituals build on your play tactics so you’ll feel as if you’re missing out when you don’t do it. That gives you an automatic incentive to keep going. Once you’ve done this a number of times, it will be easy to continue happily through the no-win periods.

5) Enjoy the game. You might only play 3 games before you build up a good winning streak… or you may need to play more. But whatever the number it takes, remember – it’s not rocket science. You don’t have to perform any mumbo-jumbo to do your tickets using my system. Trust the system to work for you.

One more tip… if you have had a string of bad luck in your past, don’t worry. Winning a lotto game does NOT depend on how much bad luck you’ve had in your life.

Luck only plays a tiny part. As long as you keep moving and trying each week, you will make your own good luck.

Winners do more, play more, work harder. That’s all you need to do too, to change your circumstances.

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