Where did we make a mistake? Ugh

Hi All,

So i am sitting within the UTG position in 6 handed 1 cent/2 cent with 9cTc.


I start with a raise to 5 cents.

Call, call, switch folds, sb calls, bb phone calls.

Flop comes Th, Ts, Ks.

Sb checks, Bb checks…and then we check, then other player after me checks.

Turn comes Jh.

Sb bets 11 cents, Bb calls, we call, other man folds.

River comes 2s.

Sb checks, Bb bets 5 cents, we raise to 22 cents.

Sb folds. Bb calls and programs Js, 9s for a flush.


Now searching straight back as of this hand, I f*cking hate the way I played it. Number 1, we most likely needs to have simply bet the flop? I do not understand, after all the 10 with all the King, possibly some one could currently be nearing a straight. Additionally two spades i did not also glance twice at. I assume if you can find 2+ of this suit that is same I always maybe bet the flop there cause there is that possibility? I’m just reading and realizing in basic that it’s more straightforward to not slow-play in micros.

Secondly, with all the change being a J and in addition a heart, that offers for just two flush that is possible now AND also possible straight draw, so maybe I should have re-raised here?

Ugh, gosh. Any input or advice right here could be valued. I am essentially a noob, simply been playing for like 3-6 months.

Thanks for reading in the event that you did!


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