When to Bet Big on Craps

You cannot make equal bets when it comes to the game of Craps. Make sure you choose to bet where the house edge is very low when you are betting a large amount. Here are tips on when to bet big and when not to bet big on Craps.

In Craps on online casino sa, different bets have a different house edge. There are five bets that you should stick to if you want to bet big in Craps. Here are the 5 bets that you should stick to.

  • Odds
  • Pass
  • Don’t pass
  • Come
  • Don’t come

The pass, also known as the come bet has 1.41% house edge, this bet is among the best bets in Craps. Don’t pass, also known as the don’t pass bet has a 1.36% house edge.

How the Pass and Come Bets Work

The game of Craps is played in rounds. There is a shooter who rolls the dice, this shooter rolls the dice for the first time. If the shooter successfully rolls the dice successfully, the pass line will win even money. If the shooter rolls seven or 11 dice successfully on his first role, the bet will pay off immediately. The pass line bet will be forfeited if he rolls a two, three or 12 and he fails.

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Bets

If the shooter rolls a two or three, the bet will pay off. If the shooter rolls a seven or 11 the bet will lose. When a shooter rolls a 12, it will be treated as a push. This is done in order to maintain the house edge of the best mobile casinos.

Considering Odds When Betting Big

As we said earlier, you should place big bets where there is a lower house edge. The best bets that you can place if you want to bet big are those that have a house edge of 1.41% and those that have 1.36% as well as those bets that have a 0%.

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