What I learned about the players in lottery stores that will shock you


This Salem lottery store in Massachusetts sold a $15 million winning jackpot ticket.

When I buy my tickets from several stores round the city, I see how a lot of people play.

One of the most illuminating points I see every time is this… how LITTLE players spend. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone pay more than $10 for their lottery tickets.

Most sales are for the minimum $2.40, and they are always quick-picks. What it tells me is that most players lose 2 ways even before they begin:

  • Firstly by using such tiny amounts.

  • Secondly, by letting a machine pick their numbers for them.

And the proof is that I’ve never seen anyone get a winning ticket while I’m there – except me.

Their choice really becomes a “lottery” in the true sense of the word. They’ve got nothing going for them but the pure luck of 1 chance in hundreds of millions.

That’s why I developed my System.

All my life I’ve attempted to control everything I do. I’m extremely regimented, because I have found it brings success in whatever I do.

Having a system is part of that process.

So I use the system to its fullest… starting with the Silver Lotto System, then figureing out in a few seconds what week I should be playing using LottoPredict.

Then I tie it all together by using PRO Custom Profiles to take advantage of a week where odds are not that good. LottoPredict tells me when to do that.

My 3-part system works each time.

And it’s why the queue backs up behind me in the store for another reason – it takes a while to put through my winning tickets and pay me out!

And I’m not alone:

Ken, I won $100,000 using your Silver Lotto System and the clever LottoPredict. Its been the biggest amount I’ve won since I bought your systems. Fiona.B. (fio********@yahoo.com) 

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