Virologist: FCB gambling is possible despite Gnabry’s corona infection | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – According to virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, FC Bayern’s Champions League opening against Atlético Madrid may take place today (9 p.m. / Sky) despite the corona infection of national footballer Serge Gnabry.

“With regular testing every day, you can rule out the possibility that an infectious player is participating. As long as all remain negative, daily tests can be used to rule out the possibility of infections occurring there, ”Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg said in an interview.

When asked if other players might have already been infected, Schmidt-Chanasit said: “No, this should also be detected very early, so to speak.” Of course, one of the players could still be in the incubation period, but infection of the others could be clearly ruled out by a negative PCR test. You then have a fairly long period of time in which you can move around freely and participate in a game. “But it may be that one of the contact persons could test positive after the game,” the scientist said.

Daily tests are also carried out in the high security laboratory of his institute. As long as these tests are negative, people can go about their business.

Bayern professional Gnabry took part in the final training session for Munich on Tuesday afternoon. After that, his positive test result became known. After the results, all Bayern players will be tested again on Wednesday morning. Only professionals who test negative can come to the Allianz Arena for the match against Atlético. If there are at least 13 players available (including at least one goalkeeper), the match must be played. However, this would be avoided, for example, by ordering a quarantine for the entire team by the authorities.

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