Top Gambling Movies on Netflix

Over the years, a lot of movies have been created with different genres. As a result, there is a movie to suit every mood and for everyone. That means no matter what you like, you will be able to find a movie that explores that.

We are dedicating this post to all those who love playing casino games online. The movies listed here have gambling storylines and are more than just entertaining; they also teach.

These movies are available to stream on Netflix. Make sure you check them out if you haven’t yet watched them.


Croupier is a game that gives you all the ins and outs when it comes to being a dealer at a blackjack online casino. In the film, you will get to see the other dark side of gambling, from a croupier’s perspective.

You will notice that this film does not dwell on the extravagant lifestyle of gamblers that you are used to seeing in movies. Instead, the movie shows you London card rooms where people spend more than their paychecks in order to gamble. You will get to see that gambling is not all about the high life; there is another side to it.

James Bond: Casino Royale

This 1967 James bond film introduces us to the original James Bond 007, played by David Niven. In the spy comedy, 007 is forced out of retirement so that he can investigate how other spies are mysteriously disappearing and dying.

Bond notices that most agents are being defeated because of their love for sex. To get to the bottom of it, Bond has to resist temptation. Soon, however, he falls for a SMERSH agent. The good news is that she ends up falling for him, which results in her joining forces with him. There are quite a number of casino scenes in the movie, which gives you a taste of high roller gambling.

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