Toddler Gives Elf On The Shelf TMI Potty Training Update In Hilarious Video

Two-year-old Jaxx Burns is the latest buzz on TikTok with his hilarious take on Elf On The Shelf’s potty training. Watch the full video here.

If Santa has started working on his ‘naughty’ list, he better not have watched little Jaxx Burns’ latest video on TikTok. The two-year-old has had many (including his mother Hannah Leishman) in splits with his hilarious, somewhat sweary take on what one of Santa’s elves was up to in his living room.

On the night of November 30, just an hour away from midnight, Hannah and her boyfriend Robert Burns had a last-minute panic. December 1 was just an hour away, and they hadn’t set up an advent surprise for little Jaxx. But then, inspiration struck as adversity led to ingenuity. The couple rummaged through cupboards and discovered Blackjack sweets leftover from Halloween. They wasted no time in turning it into Elvis’ poop for the first day of mischief.

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What followed was Jaxx’s brutally honest assessment of the situation. As reported The Sun, the couple was anything but prepared for their little one’s reaction, as mum Hannah broke out into a half-embarrassed, fully amused chuckle. “I shouldn’t laugh at things like that but it’s hard not to because he was so serious about it. It just came out of nowhere as well,” she confessed.

Jaxx’s potty training update on Elvis is now a viral hit on TikTok with over 83,000 views. So what is it that makes this video click with so many? As Hannah noted, the suddenness of the observation, combined with the innocent nonchalance plays a big part in cracking up viewers. Jaxx, with no intention of being offensive, can be seen meticulously arranging toilet paper to do the right thing; and this makes the video even more adorable.

That said, the foul language coming from a toddler that young can also invite a whole lot of unwanted backlash and judgment. Hannah, well aware of the repercussions, was also in two minds about posting the video. “He’s going through that stage where he copies everything. He picks up on everything we say,” she explains. However, to her delight, the video has been received well so far, with people appreciating the humor of the moment rather than questioning Hannah and Robert’s parenting.

With Jaxx being at an age where he can understand what the season means and enjoy the excitement, Hannah looks forward to posting more Elf on the Shelf videos in the build-up to Christmas. Ingenious as always, Hannah has also found a way to curb the cuss words. “After he swore I told him there’s a listening device in Elvis’s hat that Santa can hear him so he can’t be saying bad words,” she added.

With the holiday season upon us, and the world going through possibly the worst time in known memory, moments like these add much-needed levity to everyday life. So let’s hope Jaxx comes up with more ways to make us smile this holiday season (keeping the language clean, of course).

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SOURCE: The Sun, Washington Post

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