Three Promos to Watch: bet365 Football Stars, Exchange Games, and Badge of Honor

Three Promos to Watch

Now is the time to act if you don’t have online poker accounts at bet365 Poker, Betfair Poker, and GGPoker because this trio of sites have some excellent promotions taking place along with sizeable welcome bonuses and packages.

Keep reading to discover what you can get involved in and how.

Win Jackpots in bet365 Poker’s Football Stars Speed Poker Games

Thousands of you already love playing fast-fold poker because the unique format makes it possible to play many more hands compared to a standard cash game. Speed Poker is what bet365 Poker calls its fast-fold variant. It’s already great fun to play but it can now be massively profitable thanks to a new jackpot system that’s in place.

Top Trumps World Football Stars is an ongoing promotion at bet365 Poker’s Speed Poker tables. You’ll see three jackpots at the top of the screen when you fire up one of these cash game tables.

The Daily Jackpot is guaranteed to be won at least once every day. The Weekly Jackpot is triggered at least once per week with the Sporting Legends Jackpot having no specific date attached to it.

All three jackpots are awarded randomly at any time, and you only need to be actively involved in a hand to win some of them.

At the time of writing, the Daily Jackpot is worth €2,360, the Weekly is €8,960, and the massive Sporting Legends Jackpot weighs in at €806,780!

Win massive jackpots in Speed Poker games

Use Your Poker Knowledge to Win at Betfair’s Exchange Games

Betfair is best known for its betting exchange platform but it also has a vibrant online poker site too. The brains behind the operation have combined the two in what Betfair Poker calls Exchange Games.

Exchange Games run 24/7 and give you the chance to win cash in each of them. The Texas Hold’em and Omaha Exchange Games are most likely to appeal to you because you already know the rules, odds and probabilities.

Each game starts with four players receiving hole cards face down. You can either bet on one of these hands winnings, or lay them to say they won’t win. The cards are revealed and another round of betting ensues. This is where your poker knowledge comes in because you’ll have an idea of what hands play well against others. If not, use the PokerNews Odds Calculator for some guidance.

More betting and laying takes place on the flop and turn and you bag some cash if your predictions are correct. Check out more information about the various Exchange Games here.

See how poker, casino, and betting combine

Display Your GGPoker Achievements With the Badge of Honor

It feels great to achieve something in poker. You take down a big tournament and want to shout about it from the rooftops. You want everyone to know you are a champion. Now GGPoker players can do exactly that.

The Badge of Honor is your way to display your poker achievements at the table. Any GGPoker player who has a worthy Badge of Honor sees a special border surround their avatar. Anyone clicking your profile can then see how awesome at poker you are.

GGPoker awarded badges for World Series of Poker, WSOP Circuit, and Asian Poker Tour Online victories. The site is in the process of adding more so expect to be able to brag about winning the GGMasters, being a satellite specialists, or taking down the Super MILLION$ High Rollers event sometime soon.

Learn more about the GGPoker Badge of Honor

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