The Kingdom Chronicles Randomness

“Come here with my drug dragon,” said the voice of the scene. “Never! Muhahahaha,” said another person.

“Friend, stop the fight!”

The first sound was the sound of a girl in a red hat, with her hair in her purple boots off her hair. Her name was Sunny. He was chasing his sister Jira. Jira was a little girl like her twin Sunny. She wore an older sister’s red ferry cap, white leggings and two pigtails. And as always, his pacifist friend Eclipse tried to separate the two. She wore purple and orange striped shorts, and her hair was pulled sideways with a bright red barrette.

“Return the ordinary person, Jira, and candles to Sunny and stop trying to play Sunny, Jira on the piano!”

“Who am I?” Sony replied with a grin.

“Yes,” Jira looked at him and said, “I’m glad I used this mask to protect myself from the piano!” They all stopped talking when they heard the bell ringing in a distant temple. It was. “What’s going on!” “I had the only encounter with an old man on the prairie,” Sunny said.

“Then I have to do it! Hurry up!” Jira replied, already flying towards the temple.

Arriving in the town of Prairie, Zeyla saw all the children of heaven fly from the meadow in the daytime towards the temple. But another group of Aakash children will come. They wear black hats and canes, and masks are as black as coal. Zeira whispered to her current friend. “These are the children of Golden Westland. Why do you think you are here?”

“I see other kinds of kids, but not me!” eclipse replied.

Zeira found a group in Triumph Sky Children’s Fast Valley. The sunny cap and silver mask made it easy to spot. They were surrounded by two tall children. Zeila thought they were Elders of the Valley, not Heavenly Children! Sunny told his friends about new reveals and they laughed. They also saw other elders. An old man in the Westland was helping the old Isle of Wight, and an old man in a hidden forest was reading a book on one of the spire. The more weird things a group of friends saw, the more they came out. They have children hiding from the sky in the forest with their backs of the umbrella, and fragile children on Dawn Sky Island dressed in other people, the sky of knowledge, children’s safes, deep blue and purple clothes. I saw them learning to take off, around them. I knew everything (probably knew)

The gong finally rang and all went to the base of the temple. Seven elders stood at the entrance of the temple. The voices of the hidden forest elders echoed in the crowd.

“Be careful! Shut up! I have important news!” she fell in the shadow of the backdoor frame. Isle passed through the elders. In his spiritual voice he said:

“We have agreed with all the elders in heaven,” he stopped. Maybe an academy? ) Children, this happens every day in different fields and learns skills. “He stepped back.” Tomorrow morning, I will receive a teleportation stone scroll. Good luck! “Old Walt said.

The crowd was dispersed and the excitement increased.

Do you think children in heaven should survive? Thinking about a tent? This is a Day Fairy audio recording if you want to hear it!

Sunny Gonzo

Sunny woke up to a big bird outside the tent. She roared, cried, and walked away. It’s been a while since sunset, but there was always sunshine during the day. Sunny said today will be the first meeting. The adults said that every child in the sky would be given a scroll this morning. Telepresence stones are taken at the meetinghouse that day.

Sunny puts a horizontal point on the horizon. The horizontal points gradually increase until they have exactly the same shape. Gold Messenger Menda was speeding towards Sunny with a tail attached to the three corners. Sunny flipped his wings twice, gently flew to the manup on the second floor, fed the bat twice and received a tail near the shiny creature. To escape quietly, he jumped out of his sleeping friend’s tent. She didn’t open, the white glide dropped and wrapped around her palm. Shines from silver to blue.

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