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Random slot machine game isnt enjoyable or significant.

Instead of more choices that are random. How I want a ring and it gives me a ring that isnt unique and at level higher than the current gear in the slot about I just tell the vault. Therefore it gives me a 210 ring if I have a 207 ring. The ilevel can be higher based on the criteria that are current have more alternatives. Therefore for instance a choice is got by me for ilevel 210. if I do 1 dungeon that is mythic. You a choice of one slot, but you can still only pick 1 item.

so if I do 4 mythic dungeons the ilevel bumps up to 213.

Make each row raid/mythic/pvp give I pick ring for raid, boots for mythic, and trinket for pvp. Maybe my boots are a bit higher ilevel cause I do more mythics. But I am going to pick the trinket because i want the proc or the ring because my current ring is bad.

Thats a choice that is meaningful

Rando products with the opportunity of maybe not ANYTHING that is needing all so I pick stygia is. not meaningful.

You Will take your RNG and you shall want it!

Yea, at that point may as well bring valor/justice purchases back and remove the vault.(* that you are able to customize slots from the content) Shans:


So for example a choice is got by me for ilevel 210. if i actually do 1 dungeon that is mythic. The ilevel bumps up to 213.

This if i do 4 mythic dungeons We can’t trust. Loot should be based off the level of content you do, not how times that are many do any level of content.

I Understand the basic concept behind loot being based off the content. But individually we don’t care.

I Recognize the grouped community is divided on this and I understand your point. Then again – It does not in anyway impact my gameplay if someone who never raids, sticks to level that is low dungeons, and doesnt do pvp, could possibly get an ilevel update for doing 4 mythic + dungeons even though they’re low degree dungeons. If I’m doing +10’s, I’ll be getting rewarded if someone who only does +2’s and +3’s get an ilevel upgrade once a week from the vault.

If for it by doing the +10.

I just dont see how it affects your or me you feel its unfair, I would also point my idea out is dependant on the s tarting degree of the currently slotted gear. If you are doing +10’s, your gear is most likely starting at an increased degree compared to man whom just does +2’s and globe quests.

It should allow you to decide for each task and never one for many. That just a lot barf. Yes i state three if do all three. That will assistance with misfortune.

ilvl being screwy with Titanforging is what made IO become therefore common.

Since It is RNG I absolutely agree all choices should be got by us. I would still only be wearing 1 or 2 pieces of gear from the vault.

RNG if I had been able to choose one from each line since sl started Makes things less fun for the part that is most but it is clear blizzard believes(and maybe they are right) that it drives people to participate longer in content.

With decreased loot levels I disagree on that overall philosophy – imo fun content drives people to play content longer – but even like i described wouldnt drastically change that if they believe that about rng, implementing something. Its one little bit of loot, when a.(*)I week honestly prefer we just go back to drops that are straight a higher fall price than now in the place of having a vault.(*)The just thing that undoubtedly works is a currency system – that they have inked in a variety of ways through the years.(*)RNG-at-all-costs is merely bad, bad, bad design work by Bliz. They truly are up to now during intercourse they fail to see how it makes the game MUCH LESS FUN with it. WAY WAY LESS.(*)Its mostly a shame they do that, as they keep the game from being great simply because of this presssing problem.(*)You can get too much one other method though.(*)Like, you can’t have deterministic that is too much it gets boring fast and also you can’t have a lot of RNG or it get discouraging whenever you simply can’t get what you need.(*)

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