Tesla Arcade Gambling: What is it and how could it impact the gambling market?

In the modern world companies need to innovate and evolve to meet the shifting needs and behaviours of their consumers. When it comes to innovation and evolution, there are very few companies that can match Tesla and Tencent.

These two companies – one a car manufacturer and another a tech giant – have come together to bring a new meaning to ‘gambling on the move’. In this article we will look at how Tesla is bringing online casino games to their car models in China and analyse what that move could mean for the gambling industry.

Tesla Arcade: What is it?

To say that Tesla is solely a car manufacturer would do a disservice to the company. Founded in 2003, Tesla focused its efforts mainly on producing electric vehicles and clean, renewable energy.

Following the installation of former employee Elon Musk as CEO, the company has expanded its sphere of influence into many different sectors, including the building of space travel technology.

One previously secret area of research that Tesla focused on was video gaming, until 2019 when the company went public with its gaming interests by releasing Tesla Arcade to the world market.

The feature, which was installed on the interactive entertainment console in electric vehicles, allowed car owners and their passengers to enjoy a range of industry leading games from inside their vehicle.

The stand-out feature of Tesla Arcade is the integration of the car’s physical steering wheel as a gaming input. Tesla engineers have made sure that the game can tap into the car’s braking and steering systems, although the accelerator has been disabled as a precautionary safety step.

Gambling Incorporation

Poker is currently the only casino game available on Tesla Arcade but it is expected that more games could well be added in the next year.

Earlier this year Tesla announced that it had partnered up with Tencent to add online casino games to its Arcade dashboards in China. The initial wave of games included in the software update were fairly stripped back versions of poker.

Gambling in China is illegal so the games on the Tesla Arcade cannot be played for real cash, just for fun. When parked up, the driver will be able to play against his or her passengers, with virtual chips.

The Chinese launch is seen as a soft launch to test out the appeal of the software and how it performs under stress.

Eventually Tesla will release the gambling feature to users all around the world, and more importantly, to countries where online gambling is legal.

How could Tesla casino games affect gambling?

All of the most popular land-based casino table games will be featured, so gamblers will be able to play all of their favourites.

All being well, casino games will be launched on the Tesla Arcade worldwide after the testing phase in China has given the company the opportunity to iron out any issues.

After that stage, markets like Europe and North America will be explored, with Europe likely to be the first to see real online casino games with cash prizes.

Poker will not be the only casino game to be featured either, with Tesla and Tencent looking at incorporating other games such as blackjack, roulette and slots. The companies will most likely need to partner up with an existing online casino site to offer their players the very best experience.

Currently there are no rumours – official or unofficial – about who that commercial partner will be, but it will likely be one of the biggest names in the industry.

When a full online casino is available on Tesla Arcade in multiple territories it could well provide a huge financial injection into the already thriving online gambling market. What could be better than being able to play a game of slots in the car while parked up waiting to pick the kids up from school or your partner from work? Tesla Arcade could also boost the amount of time gamblers spend playing their favourite casino games and seriously improve your game. To further enhance your chances of winning big, head to an excellent site like 888 Casino, where you’ll find helpful guides from casino experts like this one written by John Grochowski on how to win at slots.

Summing Up

All in all, it will provide a great boost to the online gambling industry and could even add further weight to the growing calls for online legalisation in certain states in the US.

Only time will tell how successful Tesla Arcade’s incorporation of gambling in China will be. However, both Tesla and Tencent have shown before that they are always at the cutting edge of innovation and evolution.

If their track records are anything to go by then this latest move is bound to be a success that will be rolled out further afield than China in the coming months and years. For the online gambling industry in general this will be good news.

However, it might not be such good news for individual online casino operators who could see many of their customers flocking to Tesla’s gambling platform, whether that be one created by themselves or one made in partnership with an existing online casino.

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