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Rules and Mechanics
This game will not have night phases. It will permanently be on day.
There will not be lynches this game.
This game is an open set-up. The follow roles will be present:

x4 Townies
x1 Mafia Goon

How Kills are done

You may be asking yourself how mafia is supposed to win without nightkills, but that is where you’re wrong. This game will be focused around a Russian Roulette style of killing.

During the day phase, you may publicly attempt to kill a player by typing ##SHOOT: [Player] in the thread. The problem however is that the first shot will only have a 1/6 chance of succeeding, with the next shot increasing to a 1/5 chance, then 1/4 chance, etc.

You cannot attempt to shoot again until all of the other living players have attempted to kill already.

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