Spooky times ahead with Mystery House at PokerStars

Halloween time always means there’s a special promotion running at PokerStars where things get a bit more spooky than usual at the virtual tables.

This time around they want to you to escape their Mystery House by finding keys to unlock rooms and make it to the exit with prizes worth up to $15,000 waiting on anyone who’s successful until November 1.

When you opt-in to the promotion in your Challenges windows, you’ll see the Mystery House board, broken down into 28 squares with eight rooms. Some rooms will have single door, some will have double doors.

mystery house pokerstars
Spooky times at PokerStars!

Every time you complete a progress bar by playing real-money games, you’re going to receive a four-sided dice in your Stars Rewards Chest. Your marker will then move forward the number of squares displayed on the dice.

To complete the Challenge, you will need to find three keys or make it to the end. There is a key in each room and to find one, you need to enter rooms by landing on one of the squares marked with a door.

What’s there to be won?

If you land exactly on a door square, you will enter that room and receive a Chest containing a key and an instant personalised reward, with the value of the Chest depending on the Stars Rewards level you’ve achieved at the time won:

mystery house pokerstars

Blue Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Black
$0.75 $1.25 $4 $15 $30 $80

The Mystery House board is completed when you enter the third room or make it to the end on Square 28, at which point you’re going to receive a final Chest consisting of a final key and another instant personalised reward. Once again, the value of the Chest will depend on your current Stars Rewards level:

Chance Blue Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Black
99.9% $5 $7.50 $15 $50 $150 $350
0.1% $100 $250 $500 $2,000 $5,000 $15,000

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