Sony is Hiding Unrevealed PS5 Trailers on YouTube

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We’re in full-blown next-gen hysteria at this point, aren’t we? It’s gotten to a point where we’re so hungry for anything next-gen related, we’ll go scouring the playlists of PlayStation France’s YouTube channel to see if they’re hiding any goodies. Well, they are.

There were four private trailers added to the PS5 playlist over on the PlayStation France YouTube channel, with one now being revealed to be the French version of the recently released Godfall – Hinterclaw teaser trailer, leaving three more as a mystery.

Honestly, though, it could be something or it could be nothing. There’s a good chance that these private videos are just localised translations of previously released trailers or gameplay videos, or it could be something more. It’s always fun to speculate, but I’ll stop short for fear of getting myself too excited and passing out on my keyboard.

In any case, we’ll learn more soon enough. The PS5 is reportedly set to release this November, first in Japan and then the rest of the world, so surely whatever Sony is hiding in its playlists will come out before then.

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Source: VG247

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