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travel by sled; transfer by sled, transport by sled

snow vehicle that glides over snow on two ski-like runners (especially one used by children to glide down snow-covered hills); sledge

A sled is a type of sliding vehicle.

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A sled, sledge, or sleigh is a land vehicle with a smooth underside or possessing a separate body supported by two or more smooth, relatively narrow, longitudinal runners that travels by sliding across a surface. Most sleds are used on surfaces with low friction, such as snow or ice. In some cases, sleds may be used on mud, grass, or even smooth stones. They may be used to transport passengers, cargo, or both. Shades of meaning differentiating the three terms often reflect regional variations depending on historical uses and prevailing climate.

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1. a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow
(synonym) sledge, sleigh
(hypernym) vehicle
(hyponym) bobsled, bobsleigh, bob
(part-meronym) runner
(derivation) sleigh
1. ride (on) a sled
(synonym) sleigh
(hypernym) ride
(hyponym) mush
(derivation) sledder
(classification) sport, athletics

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