Rhode Island wants to end the requirement for in-person registration for online sports gambling

A new bill hopes to allow sports gamblers to register online, similar to what has been allowed in other states

During these times in which social distancing is on everyone’s minds, removing an in-person requirement from sports betting laws seems like a great idea. Not only that, but states are also looking into ways to bring in more revenue, and this single change might motivate more residents to use the online betting platforms available. That’s why a new bill has been filed in the Rhode Island General Assembly yesterday, which would end the requirement of in-person registration for mobile and online sportsbooks, currently required by law.

House Bill 8907 was introduced by Representatives Nicholas Mattiello and Marvin Abney, and the intention is to eliminate this rule from the state’s legal sports betting market. Most sports betting legislations across the country established this requirement of approaching a land-based sportsbook to be able to register and use mobile or internet accounts. Apparently, this rule has made some states lose potential profits.

Currently, mobile and online sports betting platforms are struggling because of the social distancing guidelines and city closures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is making people not able to sign up to use the service. The idea to amend the law for sports bettors to have more convenience came from the idea of bringing more revenue to the state, which is highly needed due to the impact of the pandemic. Lawmakers from the Ocean State believe that removing this rule will bring in more gamblers to sports betting, as they can do it from the comfort of their own home from the very beginning. This is an important time for sportsbooks to start recovering losses since major sports leagues are about to resume; not having access to the betting establishments because they are closed should not be an issue for placing bets online.

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