Putting into the Ground some Casino Myths

In this guide, we are going to quash some of the most commonly seen online casino myths floating around out there.

Some of these casino myths can give the industry a bad name but after a closer look, it is easy to see why they are not true. There are even casino myths that are so close to the truth its easy to see them as fact but, when you dig deeper it becomes clear that all they do is serve to distort how players perceive the mechanics and probability of winning on the casino games they play.

To tackle this tricky subject, we will begin by describing some of the most confusing casino myths found on the online casino grapevine and then move into some of the more outrageous ones so the next time you see one of these rumours, you know its just heresay!

RTPs and House Edge Are An Exact Science

When you see a game like Blackjack that has all the right parameters to make its house edge 0.5%, it is easy to assume that a bet 1 mBTC will return 0.995 mBTC.

The same theory can be miscontrude when looking at RTPs for online slots. When the slot has an RTP of 97%, some casino players assume that this means they will win back 0.97 mBTC for every 1 mBTC wagered.

Yet, this is a one of the most common casino myth and just isn’t true.

‘House edge’ and ‘RTP’ are mathematical calculations that use probability. Now if you think about it, flipping a coin has a 0% house edge and the RTP is therefore 100%. We get these figures based on probability.

However, after 20 coin flips can you guarantee that you will break even?

The maswer should be a resounding no. You cannot gurantee the results of a coin flip because each one is an independant instance. Meanwhile, the laws of probability are not set in stone.

You can flip that coin 20 times and it could easily land heads 17 times, then flip it another 20 times and it could land heads 12 times. Now that same science also applies to the ‘house edge’ and ‘RTP’ for online casino games.

The ‘house edge’ and ‘RTP’ are only there as guideance to describe the theoretical return over time. It does not account for variation.

Variation described the eratic behaviour of porbability such as in the example of the coin flip. Sometimes variation works in your favour and you have an upswing winning way above the house edge or RTP.

On the other hand, you can make exactly the right moves mathematically but end up losing because your variation is taking you through a downswing.

In the long run, these upswings and downswings should even themselves out just like in our example of flipping a coin. If you keep on flipping, tails may even overtake heads.

Therefore, to dispell this casino myth, it is not true that you will win the percentage given by the game’s ‘house edge’ or ‘RTP’. Every result is a random event which makes variation unpredictable.

If The RTP Is 97.3% and I lose a Spin, Then The Next Spin Should Return My Bet

This casino myth does not have to apply to just video slots, but slots are a good example to use because a lot of people believe that the more they spin or play, the closer they will get to a win.

While it is true that eventually a win will come, variation and probability are not exact sciences. As such, you cannot subtract spins to narrow down your probability of winning.

First of all, win sizes on slots are different for every combination, so you could spin in a win worth 50x your spin bet after just 20 spins.

This does not mean that you will not spin another win within the next 20 spins because you already beat the slot’s RTP. You could end up spinning in 40x, 30x, and 20x your spin bet over the next 20 spins because the variation gods are in a good mood.

Now what happens when you decide to quit while you are ahead? You won 140x your spin bet minus 40 spins, you are 100x your spin bet in profit. On a 96% RTp slot, which is about average, your RTP is currently 350%. Just this fact alone blows away the stright-forward casino myth that says you can count down your RTP like it is a matter of mathematics.

Just remember, you could also spin 40 times and over the course of those spins win 10x your spins bet covering only 25% of your bets and then end your session. Now you have a 25% RTP on a 96% RTP slot game.

All being well, now you understand the mechanics of probability when it comes to online slot games. Now you are savvy to the inner workings of RTPs, you can take this exact concept and apply it to roulette numbers!

Slot Machines Are Overdue to a Win

We can be quick with this one because it is also tied to the above 2 casino myths. Some people feel that a video slot game is due a win because it has not paid out the jackpot or the bonus has not triggered.

The turth is that no slot machine is due to a win. This casino myth can be quashed in the same way as the above 2 by simply getting yourself into the frame of mind that the outcome of each spin on the reels is an independent event.

Just remember that if the jackpot has not appeared even after as many as 5,000 spins despite the probability of it paying out being 1 in 1,000 (0.1%), it still has a 0.1% chance of being triggered on the next spin.

Let’s say the chances of hitting the jackpot are 0.1%. Now 100% ÷ 0.1 is 1,000. You spin 1,000 times and you do not hit the jackpot. That means in theory over the next 100 to 200 spins, you should hit the jackpot. The sad news here is the next spin is still going to be 0.1%.

This is all down to the reel mechanics of a slot and it can be quite a difficult concept to grasp.

Slot developers place a certain number of symbols on the reels that create the RTP. With the way the symbols are positioned or the bonus feature is played, the chances of that exact jackpot combination landing in the exact place they need to be to trigger the jackot are always 0.1%.

Therefore the mechanics of a slot are set up so you have a 0.1% chance of hitting the jackpot ‘per spin’ and that a spin is an ‘independent event’. In other words, the spin is not tied to any other spin. That means once you spin the reels, you cannot subtract 0.1% from the probability because your 0.1% chance of winning resets to 0.1% for the next spin.

That said, the old saying goes ‘you need to be in it to win it’ and the more you keep on spinning, the higher the chances are that you will hit that jackpot combination.

Keeping Tabs in Historical Results Helps You Predict Future Outcomes

While we are still on the subject of probability and RTP, it is a good time to talk about historical data. This is the same historical data you may see on games like Dragon Tiger or Roulette.

Once again regardless of the historical data, every spin of the roulette wheel and every card dealt in a casino card game is a random and independent event.

Although historical data is fun, and it does give us some kind of insight into what could be coming next, much like the above 2 myths, using history to help you make your next decision is also not an exact science either. That is unless you have the historical data for thousands of spins on roulette when dating back to its first-ever spin.

For all you know, black has landed 1 million times and red just 600,000 times on the exact roulette wheel you are playing. Yet, the last 6 spins have produced a black number. Now even though the right movie is to bet on red numbers because inevitably red has to show up at some point, there is never a guarantee that this will happen.

That does not mean we are saying don’t follow historical data because if black has turned up 6 times, who wouldn’t bet on red? All we are saying is that each time the wheel stops, the probability of red turning up is always going to be 50% on any given spin.

Apparently, the record number of times for any 1 number to show up on a roulette table is 32 times which was recorded back in 1943. This just goes to show that sometimes historical data can be misleading.

Betting Systems and Strategies Will Guarantee You Will Turn a Profit

This claim could be construed as true quite easily because there are plenty of people out there that have tried a system and it has worked. However, the chances are the times the system let them down outweigh the number of times they won.

Casino games are designed to let the house win. Even if there is a winning player on the same table, there will usually be 2 or 3 losing players on that table or another table. This is why casino games were designed in the first place. To give someone the thrill of being able to multiply their bet which is always possible but in the long run, there will be more people that lose compared to those that win.

Therefore, if there was a betting system that could beat the house edge, the casino game would never be introduced into the casino in the first place or what is the point of owning a casino?

To be honest, there was a betting system that did guarantee players could win. That was card counting while using basic strategy. When the casinos caught on after losing millions, they quickly devised ways to counter the counters. This meant shuffling the decks so card counters would lose their ‘running total’ and ‘true count’ which effectively put an end to this system.

Aside from card counting, there are no other guaranteed winning systems out there. Anyone that tells you otherwise is feeding a huge myth!

Instead of using a betting strategy or system to make money, try to look at it as a way to reduce your risk of losing because that is pretty much what most strategies do. For example, if you play basic strategy when playing blackjack, then you are playing the house edge because every move you make is mathematically correct.

Card Counting Works When Playing Online Virtual Blackjack Games

Now if you are playing a virtual casino game, then card counting is a big no. Not because the casino rules forbid it, but because random number generators continuously shuffle the decks.

If you are in the middle of a blackjack hand, the cards will be shuffling between each decision you make minus the cards that are already out on the table. The same applies to baccarat, poker, and any other card game.

The only time the deck stops its virtual shuffle is when you stop the algorithm for a split second which is when you decide you make your next move. As soon as the card is dealt, the deck of cards will return to shuffle mode only stopping to deal a card to another player or the dealer.

With the cards in this constant shuffle, it makes it impossible for card counters to keep a running count or true count.

Now, the main reason the cards are kept in the constant shuffle mode is to stop anyone figuring out the sequence of cards which was something some genius algorithms whizzes managed to figure out in the early days of RNG algorithms.

Today, the RNGs are so sophisticated and there are so many different types, it makes it impossible for even the brainboxes that once figured the RNGs out to apply their admiral problem- solving skills to modern-day RNGs.

Card Counting is Illegal

Card counting has never been illegal so this is a myth. As far as the law is concerned it is a fair game but casinos will have rules that forbid card counting and class it as cheating. That means if they can prove it, they can confiscate your winnings.

All that being said, if you can find a live blackjack game online or in a casino where the live dealer is not shuffling the cards, by all means, feel to take advantage because card counting is not illegal and the worst that can happen these days is the put boss will suspect you of card counting and signal to the dealer to shuffle the cards.

You’ll Become a Profitable Player The More You Play

Now, this does not say ‘you will become a better player the more you play’ because if it did, then this would not be a myth. Also, we could say ‘the more you play, the higher your chances of winning’ which is also in some ways true. However, to say that you will become a profitable player after gaining hours of experience playing casino games is a myth.

The truth is, the more you play, the better your instincts, your bankroll management should improve, and you should understand the mathematics of casino games. This does not mean you will automatically become a profitable casino player but you should reduce your losses and stand a higher chance of winning.

For example, if you play blackjack without using basic strategy, you could be giving away up to 5% house edge on a game with a house edge of 1%. Yet, if you play using basic strategy, then you will be playing according to the house edge of 1%. Now learning basic strategy comes with practice, and so the more you play, the chances of a winning session considerably improve and you reduce your losses.

All casino games are games of chance and designed to be exactly that. Even table poker versus the dealer is purely a game of chance because you are not playing against other players. Multiplayer poker is not played against the house and as a result, all kinds of skill can come into these types of games.

Every spin on a slot, every card that comes out on blackjack or baccarat, and every spin on the roulette table is completely based on chance and each event is an independent one making these games entirely unpredictable so no amount of skill will guarantee a profit.

Therefore, the notion that you will become a profitable player the more you play is a myth while saying that you will become a better player with an improved chance of turning a profit is more accurate.

Casinos Let You Win Now and Again So You Do Not Leave

This is a ridiculous myth which we said we would get to in the introduction. Every casino game is random whether you are playing a virtual slot or table game or live dealer table. Even in a land-based casino, it is the same. No one lets anyone win on purpose.

Even though there are conspiracy theories out there that online casinos like to throw their players a bone, this could also result in the player taking his or her winning and simply walking away. As such, the risk of giving players a small win to keep them hooked is not something an online casino would willingly take.

If You Play Long Enough You Will Eventually Win

In some ways, yes, if you play for long enough a win will come your way depending on the odds of the game you are playing. However, if you are holding on to recoup losses or for a big win, then the likelihood is you will run out of cash before you get there.

Let’s say you are playing roulette and you are chasing a straight bet. The chances of this happening are 35-1 and as such, you probably won’t get there. This is when you should know to quit and not chase your losses because it just isn’t your day.

However, if you are just holding on for a simple win betting on red or black, then yes, the chances are the win will eventually come but the payback will not cover your losses by any means.

Virtual Casino Games Are Rigged

This is another outrageous claim usually by those that just do not understand the online casino industry. There are so many rules put in place, social media, RNGs, licensing authorities, testing companies, payout percentage monitors, and provably fair systems out there that a casino can’t cheat its players these days.

Adding to this, most of the games streamed to online casinos come from reputable software providers with strict licenses managing their RNGs. Companies like Play’n Go and Red Tiger are continuously monitored and undergo random checks from their licensing authorities so it just isn’t worth the risk of cheating players.

There is so much money to be made from giving players honest online gaming experiences as well as so many ways to get caught and shut down-which would result in a complete loss of reputation, it just makes no sense in manipulating results.

There is even more risk for cryptocurrency casinos because every spin or round on table games is recorded on transparent blockchain architecture using an immutable record making it easy for someone to investigate the casino. If the payout percentages look off consistently, then the casino and the software providers are going to lose all respect from those within the industry when inevitably caught.

Rounding Up Our Online Casino Myths

Online casinos come with plenty of myths because sometimes the RTPs, house edge, and dynamics of casinos are difficult to grasp. However, when you look deeper into these myths, you can start to easily make sense of them. Just a few words can clear up any confusion myth, and that’s exactly what we have done here in this guide.

Just remember that casinos are there to make money and the best you can do to turn over a profit is to bet responsibly and use proven strategies while ignoring anyone that says they know a full-proof way of winning because the truth is that it is highly unlikely that they do.

Also, try to remember every deal, shuffle, a spin of the reels, roll of the dice, and spin of the wheel is an independent event not connected in any way to the next one. The chances of winning on the next are always the same as they were on the previous one.

Finally, specialist algorithm masters have gone to work to create RNGs that mimic real-life results as closely as possible to the result produced by real-life dealers. They have been designed using proven scientific formulas that have been approved by independent government organisations and licensing authorities that govern and regulate casino developers that use RNGs for their games.

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