Prague will discuss a gambling decree or a tram in Žižkov

Prague – Prague councilors will discuss a new decree on gambling today, which should be banned from slot machines and video lottery terminals throughout the metropolis if approved by the council and representatives. In addition, councilors also plan to begin preparations for the construction of the extension of the tram line through the Žižkov to Jarov Freight Station, the economic results of the city for the first half of this year or the increase in the price of the reconstruction of the Šlecht restaurant.

The basic principle of the proposed decree on gambling is to allow live gaming in selected casinos and at the same time to ban all so-called technical games, ie slot machines and video lottery terminals. This is prevented by some city districts that wanted to allow exemptions in selected companies. Prague 1 protests the loudest against the blanket ban on vending machines. If approved by the council, representatives will vote on the decree, probably at the September meeting.

The councilors will also discuss the intention to connect the area of ​​the Žižkov Freight Station, where a new district should be created in the future, to the tram line. Previously, it was thought that it could lead directly through the functionalist station building. In the end, however, the city chose to run the line north of it along Malešická Street.

Councilors will also discuss the report on the implementation of the capital’s budget for the first half of this year. According to her, the economy ended with a surplus of about 3.88 billion crowns. That’s about five billion less year on year. The savings arose from meeting total expenditures at 42.72 percent of the adjusted budget. The city management will also approve extra money for the reconstruction of the Šlecht restaurant, which, according to the material for the councilors, became more expensive from 240 million to 290 million crowns. The money is to be used to build outbuildings. Earlier, city officials talked about the cost of reconstruction in the amount of 120 million crowns.

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