Poker on Screen: Run it Back with Remko (2020)

There have been a plethora of poker shows that came into being during the summer of 2020, and plenty of them were on PokerGO, the streaming service arm of Poker Central. One of the best was called Run it Back with Remko, and while the concept couldn’t be simpler, the content was solid gold.


Poker-on-Screen-Run-it-Back-with-Remko-(2020)Think of your favourite poker show. If it’s not High Stakes Poker, then it’s probably because you haven’t seen enough of it. From the action to the chat and right back through the analysis of what made plays so successful back when the show was first broadcast, the show runs like you’re watching the show with your best mate, which is exactly the vibe the affable Rinkema is going for.

High Stakes Poker featured plenty of plays that nowadays look odd, sticking out among the GTO and push-fold charts that are more definably of these times, but there’s no shortage of charm to the old footage.

Just like the European Poker Tour’s EPT Retro programme, where Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan looked back at the EPT events that came before their commentary careers on the tour, Rinkema wasn’t part of the initial commentary teams he is commenting on and provides some neat observations on the ‘retro’ style of the past, from the clobber to the control players have at the table. There’s a lot of juice to be wrung from the fruit, however, and Rinkema doesn’t go after the low-hanging stuff, reaching for the high stuff and hoping others keep up.

There’s a lot to be said for the online interaction element to proceedings, too. Far from letting the social stream of comments overshadows the watchalong, Rinkema masterfully weaves in the best questions and comments, while not letting the animals take over the zoo to coin a phrase.

The set-up is just perfect for the average poker fan to really enjoy watching along, and while the experience is obviously at its peak live, watching Remko Run it Back is highly enjoyable to watch and available now on YouTube, via Poker Central, right here:

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