Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tennessee Titans Week 7 Betting Odds, Prop Bets

Two undefeated teams challenge one another in Week 7 as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans, who are the -1 to -1.5 favorite. Americas Bookie offers a generous welcome bonus (max bonus $1500)

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Both teams are 5-0, the Steelers for the first time since 1978 and Tennessee for the first time since a 10-0 start in 2008. It’s just the eighth time in NFL history undefeated teams have met this far into a season.

The game would have been played Oct. 4, but an outbreak of COVID-19 in the Titans organization forced a postponement — and for Tennessee a bizarre revamped schedule that included a Tuesday game.

Titans linebacker Rashaan Evans is impressed with how his team remained unscathed with things so unsettled.

“These five weeks have probably been the craziest, the wildest situation we’ve ever been in before,” Evans said. “You’ve got to give it up to the guys in this (locker) room. I don’t think a lot of guys would have been able to do what we have done. I think it proved how good a focus we have.”

Action on this game was balanced heading into Saturday afternoon.

Here are your prop bets for this match…

Rot Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) Total Completions Moneyline
701 Over 26½ Completions
702 Under 26½ Completions
Rot Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
703 Over 278½ Passing Yards
704 Under 278½ Passing Yards
Rot Ryan Tannehill (TEN) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
803 Over 267½ Passing Yards
804 Under 267½ Passing Yards
Rot First Scoring Play Moneyline
1007 Steelers TD
1008 Steelers FG
1009 Steelers Any Other Score
1010 Titans TD
1011 Titans FG
1012 Titans Any Other Score
Rot Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams TD Moneyline
1013 Yes
1014 No
Rot Total TDs in the Game Moneyline
1015 Over 5½ TDs
1016 Under 5½ TDs
Rot Total FGs Scored in the Game Moneyline
1017 Over 3½ FGs
1018 Under 3½ FGs
Rot Shortest TD in the Game Moneyline
1021 Over 1½ Yards
1022 Under 1½ Yards
Rot Longest FG Scored in the Game Moneyline
1023 Over 47½ Yards
1024 Under 47½ Yards
Rot A Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times Moneyline
1025 Yes
1026 No
Rot Team To Score Longest TD Moneyline
1027 Steelers
1028 Titans
Rot Team To Score Longest FG Moneyline
1029 Steelers
1030 Titans
Rot Team Scoring 1st Wins Game Moneyline
1031 Yes
1032 No
Rot Team to Call 1st Timeout Moneyline
1033 Steelers
1034 Titans
Rot Double Result Moneyline
1035 Steelers/Steelers
1036 Steelers/Tie
1037 Steelers/Titans
1038 Tie/Steelers
1039 Tie/Tie
1040 Tie/Titans
1041 Titans/Steelers
1042 Titans/Tie
1043 Titans/Titans
Rot Race To 10 Points Moneyline
1044 Steelers
1045 Titans
1046 Neither
Rot Will the Game go to Overtime Moneyline
1047 Yes
1048 No
Rot Highest Scoring Half Moneyline
1049 1st Half
1050 2nd Half
1051 Tie
Rot Highest Scoring Quarter Moneyline
1052 1st Quarter
1053 2nd Quarter
1054 3rd Quarter
1055 4th Quarter
1056 Tie
Rot Winning Margin Moneyline
1057 Steelers to win by 1-3 pts
1058 Steelers to win by 4-6 pts
1059 Steelers to win by 7-10 pts
1060 Steelers to win by 11-13 pts
1061 Steelers to win by 14-17 pts
1062 Steelers to win by 18-21 pts
1063 Steelers to win by 22 or more pts
1064 Titans to win by 1-3 pts
1065 Titans to win by 4-6 pts
1066 Titans to win by 7-10 pts
1067 Titans to win by 11-13 pts
1068 Titans to win by 14-17 pts
1069 Titans to win by 18-21 pts
1070 Titans to win by 22 or more pts
Rot Total Points Scored Moneyline
1071 00-14 Points
1072 15-21 Points
1073 22-28 Points
1074 29-35 Points
1075 36-42 Points
1076 43-49 Points
1077 50-56 Points
1078 57-63 Points
1079 64-70 Points
1080 71-77 Points
1081 78 or More Points
Rot 1st Half Total TDs Scored Moneyline
1082 Over 2½ TDs
1083 Under 2½ TDs
Rot 1st Half Total FGs Scored Moneyline
1084 Over 1½ FGs
1085 Under 1½ FGs
Rot Score in Last 2 min of the 1st Half Moneyline
1086 Yes
1087 No

– Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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