New IGT Cashless Module Completes the Nevada Regulatory Approval

Resort Wallet™ is a carded cashless module, part of the award-winning IGT ADVANTAGE® casino management system. The approved for deployment throughout the States module is supposed to offer a reduced contact, as well as safer and effortless cashless slot gaming experience for its customers.

The cashless module gives players the opportunity to transfer their cash from a loyalty card to a secure digital wallet, either from desk cash or from any slot machine that enables Resort Wallet. Players can then use their PIN-protected cards into a slot machine and use the funds for a game. They can also move funds from a slot machine to their digital wallet.

The three variations part of the IGT’s Resort Wallet solution

The carded cashless module is not the only module of the kind created by IGT. There are three more variations that take part of IGT’s Resort Wallet Solution.

One of the variations enables players to use only their phones on a slot machine or table game. They can then load cash into their Cashless Wagering Account from a casino cashier, kiosk, or a slot machine. The transfer of the money can be executed between slot machines or between a casino’s properties.

The second variation combines Resort Wallet with IGTPay™, which is a proven external funding gateway property of IGT. This variation allows the players to access their account through a phone app. This way they can easily transfer funds from external sources, like a credit or a debit card.

Players can use their funds at any time and not only for slot play, but also for table gaming, sports betting and others.

IGT is a global leader in gambling industry that has established its presence in more than a 100 countries around the world. The company aims to deliver responsible gaming experience. And for that end, the company ensures that their module promotes social distancing on the gaming floor since it prevents any line-ups. The cashless system also excludes the frequent use of cash, which eliminates any mistakes that can occur.

IGT recently signed a deal with online casino content and platform provider Push Gaming, that will spread its influence on the Scandinavian market.

IGT ADVANTAGE system enables any important information to appear through the display on the slot machine or through notifications on the mobile app.

According to Ryan Reddy, IGT Vice President, VLT, Systems and Payments Products Resort Wallet™ will heighten the player experience. In his statement regarding the completion of the Nevada regulatory approval, Reddy expresses his gratitude towards the Nevada Gambling Control Board for enabling the debut of the module in the State.

Source: “International Game Technology : IGT Leads New Era in Cashless Gaming with Completion of Nevada Regulatory Approval” Market Screener, Jan. 5, 2021

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