New High Limit Blackjack Games In Las Vegas

Two Las Vegas casinos have used lower visitation to update their casino floors. The changes aren’t major but they could have an impact on blackjack players. The Strat (formerly Stratosphere) and El Cortez have both added high-limit rooms to their respective properties.

On the surface, these additions aren’t a big deal. The rooms both have fewer than 10 table games. In fact, El Cortez only has two table games. It’s not a coincidence that both are blackjack games.

The Strat high limit room has only three blackjack games among its eight table games. The Strat is in a land of its own located between downtown Las Vegas and the corridor known as the Vegas Strip. The property has excellent blackjack rules for all games and the games off the main casino floor may be more attractive to players looking for a new casino to visit.

El Cortez High Limit Room

Over the years El Cortez has been popular, in part, because it has one of the best blackjack games in downtown Las Vegas under $25.

There’s been one specific game that is still the best blackjack in Las Vegas in 2021. In case you’re not familiar:

The single deck that pays 3:2 on a blackjack. Players can double down on any two cards and the dealer hits soft 17. The minimum bet is usually $10. Be careful in this game as the pit bosses will sweat large action or bet spreads. El Cortez also has $10 double deck and six-deck games for $10. These tables allow double down before and after splitting.

The new high limit room at El Cortez adds two games with larger minimum bets to the good blackjack games inside the downtown Las Vegas casino. This part of Sin City isn’t known for high rollers so there isn’t a need for many tables.

Players can call to reserve a high limit table at El Cortez if traveling in a group.

The Strat High Limit Room

The Strat recently opened a 3,600-square-foot high limit room. The space has the following blackjack games:

  • 2 double-deck
  • 1 six-deck, stand soft 17 game

There are also five baccarat tables for gamblers looking for another game with a low house edge. The new high limit room is an addition to the 750 slot machines and 44 table games on the main casino floor at The Strat.

This casino is located just north of Sahara but south of the casinos in downtown Las Vegas. Technically, The Strat is located in downtown Las Vegas. It’s often considered part of the Vegas Strip since it’s within walking distance to other casinos on Las Vegas Blvd.

Location aside, The Strat has plenty of good blackjack games. Vegas Advantage scouted the casino just as the year began and has the following to share about The Strat blackjack:

Strat offers the best value for blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. Slower hours of the day have a $5 eight-deck game with double down before and after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. This game goes up to $10 during busier hours. There is a high limit six-deck blackjack game with these rules that stands on all 17’s for $100. Single deck blackjack pays 6:5 and allows double down before and after splitting for $10. Double deck is dealt for $15 or $25 with double down before and after splitting.

Coming soon…

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas and the attached Mohegan Sun Casino are both on schedule to open on March 25. The casino will have more than 50 table games. There will also be a separate high limit room.

Specifics on the high limit games haven’t been revealed yet. You can see basic information about the table games at Mohegan Sun Las Vegas here.

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