[NEW] episode of my AP Blackjack Podcast is live.

Hello everyone! [NEW] Podcast Episode

Just wanted to let the community know there is another new episode of my AP Blackjack Podcast live right now. This episode has an interview with a young AP named “Rainman” he’s very sharp and has his game down. But, I think he brings fresh eyes and a fresh perspective to the game. Like all of us when we first started out, he still has some of the tougher aspects of actually APing in a live casino to learn that only come with experience, but I think it’s a worthwhile listen for both experienced and inexperienced AP’s to hear his POV at this stage of his AP journey.

You can find the podcast by simply googling “Tens and Aces Podcast” or searching for it in your favorite podcast player.

Here’s a few handy links as well:


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