NEGREANU-POLK CENTRAL (Day 8): Daniel Negreanu Books Small Win to Extend Lead; Next Match Set for Friday

Once again Daniel Negreanu put together a win on Thursday, albeit smaller than on Wednesday. That came with Doug Polk on the short end of a cooler and his opponent scoring a $24,157 win.

For more of the Day 8 action, check out the updates just below the links. This page follows the action of the Daniel Negreanu-Doug Polk matchup as it plays out over the next few weeks.

The High Stakes Feud kicked off on Nov. 4 with live play on PokerGo and then shifted online. Here are all the match details and updates.


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Negreanu versus Polk – complete details

  • Dates – begins Nov. 4 on PokerGO
    • Look for 3-5 days per week online
    • Next date is Friday, Nov. 20, 5:30 pm ET
  • Online site –
  • Game – Heads-up No Limit Hold’em
  • Stakes – Blinds set at $200/$400
  • Number of hands – 200 live and 25,000 total with option to quit at 12,500
  • Number of tables – 2 (online play)
  • Where to watch the live poker – PokerGO app and Youtube, Facebook channels
  • Analysis – Click here for insight and picks from several poker pros
  • Where to watch online – Polk and Negreanu may be streaming on their own channels as well during online play throughout the series
  • Hands played so far3,422
  • Leader – Daniel Negreanu is up $179,364

Tracking the action on the felt

Day 8: Nov. 19 – Negreanu adds another session to the win column

With eight sessions into the High Stakes Feud, Negreanu continues to defy the doubters. There’s still plenty of poker to be played, but he again extended his lead with a small victory on Thursday.

One of the first major pots of the day fell Kid Poker’s way with a fortuitous river card. Polk started the action with a raise to $910 and Negreanu three-bet to $4,100.

Polk made the call and flop brought 42Q♠. Negreanu led out with $6,155 and Polk called. The turn brought the 4♠ and Negreanu checked, with his opponent doing the same.

The river card was the 2♠ and Polk bet almost $14,000. Negreanu made the call with J♠9♠ for a flush and Polk turned Q♣10♥ for two pairs. Negreanu raked a $48,000 pot.

[embedded content]

Polk grabs his share of pots and then a big cooler

Thursday’s action saw a bit of a see-saw battle with Negreanu able to book a win just over a single buy-in. Polk certainly had his moments as well. Early in the day he raised from the button to $910.

Doug Polk

Negreanu called and the flop came 9♦J♣3♦ and Negreani checked. Polk bet a bit over $760 and received a call. The turn was the 4♥ with Negreanu checking again.

Polk bet $5,000 this time, Negreanu called, and the 4♠ fell on the river. After another Negreanu check, Polk went for his signature over-bet on the river – this time for $20,000. Negreanu thought a bit before calling and Polk showed AJ♠ for two pairs and a $53,500 pot.

At about the 90-minute mark Polk made an all-in river bet of about $53,000 into a $42,000 pot. With the board showing 8♦10♠2♥2♣K♣. Negreanu went into the tank and eventually folded.

The crazy hand of the day came just short of two hours into the match and produced plenty of fireworks. After Polk’s raise to $910, Negreanu three-bet to $4,100.

Polk called and the flop brought 5♦A♦Q♠. Negreanu bet $2,000 and received a call with the turn bringing A♣. This time Negreanu checked and Polk did as well.

The 3♦ fell on the river and Negreanu bet about $9,200. Polk moved all in for his $103,000 stack and his opponent called the last of his almost $32,000 chips instantly.

Polk showed K♦8♦ for the nut straight, but Negreanu tabled A♥A♠ for quads. It was a massive cooler hand for Polk and Negreanu pulled in almost $94,000.

Inside the eighth day of play

The action swung back and forth a bit Thursday. Negreanu finished up ahead again for the session, scoring $24,157 after 457 hands.

The win moves his total number of days won to five, including the live session to start the series. Here’s a review of the sessions won by each player:

  • Negreanu – sessions 1, 4, 5, 7, 8
  • Polk – sessions 2, 3, 6

Both players took to Twitter afterward to comment on a couple hands and had some back and forth. Polk noted losing with a nice pocket pair.

Negreanu looked back on his own poor run in one hand with a Polk response.

  • Hands played: 3,422
  • Total: Negreanu up $179,364
  • Next match: Friday, Nov. 20, 5:30 pm ET


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Day 7: Nov. 18 – Negreanu bags nice day to reclaim lead

The back and forth battle between Negreanu and Polk continued on Wednesday as these two upped their session frequency. After about three meetings a week, that moves to four this week.

Polk jumped out to about a $65,000 lead early after raking a few decent pots. But Negreanu turned the tables at about the five-minute mark. In one big hand, Negreanu raised from the button to $1,000 and Polk three-bet to $4,100.

The flop brought K58♦ after a Negreanu call. Polk bet $2,300 and Negreanu called before seeing the Q♥ on the turn. Polk now bet $9,600 and Negreanu called, swelling the pot to just over $32,000.

The river brought the 7♣ and Polk moved all in for $32,000. His opponent thought a bit before making the call with K♦10♠ for a pair of Kings. Polk tabled A♣J♥ for Ace-high and his opponent raked an $80,000 pot.

Shortly afterward, Negreanu raked a nice pot again after calling some hefty bets from his opponent. Negreanu hung in to secure a pot of $122,000 after Polk missed on his flush draw.

[embedded content]

Kid Poker continues to build

The pots continued to go Negreanu’s way throughout the afternoon. After about 20 minutes, both players flopped a flush. Negreanu came out on top of that one with a Queen and won $20,000.

Later Negreanu scored a $31,000 pot when his pocket Queens hit trips on the flop. He was able to bet the hand all the way through the river.

Daniel Negreanu

By the hour mark, Negreanu had moved up to more than $160,000 for the session. Polk did find his share of pots, such as a three-bet forcing a Negreanu fold after an hour of action.

On a flop of K♦2♥6♦, Polk bet $2,300 followed by a Negreani raise to $7,000. Polk then escalated the action to more than $14,300. Negreanu got out of the way and Polk took down about $30,000.

However, most of the really big pos went Negreanu’s way. One more example came late in the match with about $7,200 in the pot and a board of 4♦2♣Q♣Q♦3♠.

After a Nreganu check on the river, Polk made a signature over-bet of almost $11,000. Negreanu made the call with Q♠10♣ for trip Queens and a $29,000 pot while Polk showed J♠9♦.

Inside the seventh day of play

It was that kind of day for Polk. Negreanu just seemed to have the nuts in big spots and picked off his opponent at key times. He finished $222,833 to the good after 591 hands.

The Poker Hall of Famer is pleased with his play so far and feels his preparation has paid dividends.

“I’m looking at my balance now and it’s definitely bigger than when I deposited online, so I’m happy about it,” he said afterward on the GGPoker stream. “I think my play’s improving with each session and one think I’ve always prided myself in is that I work hard and learn fast.

“This isn’t my first time playing poker. I did have to re-learn a lot about how the game is structured and the best way to play it, but I’m willing to do that. It requires a good amount of humility to ask other people for help.”

It was certainly a nice day for Negreanu, but still only a small win in comparison to the buy-in. Polk remains a favorite, but so far Negreanu has shown he can play in this arena.

“Lowest point in the challenge yet,” Polk noted on Twitter. “Luckily only about four buy-ins or so. Looking forward to getting in a lot of volume tomorrow and Friday.”

The heads-up specialist Polk remains confident in his play and his chances.

  • Hands: played: 2,965
  • Total: Negreanu up $155,206.89
  • Next match: Thursday, Nov. 19, 5:30 pm ET


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Day 6: Nov. 16 – Controversy over hand histories, Polk slides back ahead

After plenty of fireworks in Day 5, there may have been more interest in a post-session controversy after Monday. Businessman and poker player Bill Perkins charged Polk with using study methods outside the rules.

That drew some quick responses from Polk, who said the charge was completely baseless. He noted on Twitter that both players can open the client and review hand histories. The “cheating on his homework” charge was out of line, he noted.

“The rules were, no hand histories and no HUDs [head-up display, an app that collects and displays statistics about opponents],” Polk said. “We both agreed and were clear on that. Neither was used.”

After a brief discussion on data mining, Negreanu agreed with Polk. The matter now seems to be in the past and players can again focus on the match.

Quads early for Negreanu to take the lead

At the tables, Negreanu found the first big pot on Monday. Early action saw him score $34,000 when his Q5 made two pairs on the flop.

After about 10 minutes, Negreanu seized a lead of about $22,000 and then snatched two more nice pots. At about the 20-minute mark, Polk scooped a small one but there were big developments on the second table.


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After a pre-flop four-bet from Polk, the players saw a board of 10102♣. Negreanu checked and Polk bet a bit over $4,100.

Negreanu called and the 9♠ landed on the river. After another check, Polk checked as well and the river brought the 7♠.

After another check, Polk thought a bit and checked again – sniffing out a trap as Negreanu tabled 1010♣. Kid Poker scooped a $28,000 pot with his quad 10s but missed out on more.

Action shifts Polk’s way

After two straight losing days, Polk would find some nice pots of his own – and one would come quickly. Just a couple hands later on the same table, Polk picked up pocket Aces and three-bet.

The flop brought 5♠K♠Q♦ and he led out with a $6,700 bet. His opponent moved all in and Polk snap-called. Negreanu turned over Q5for two pairs and looked to be in good shape to crack his foe’s Aces.

[embedded content]

A 4♣ on the turn was no help for Polk, but a second King on the river gave him a bigger two pairs. That gave him the $81,000 pot.

Polk grabbed another big pot a short time later, taking $37,000 with a full house. That win moved him ahead in the session and he continued battling.

Inside the sixth day of play

For much of the day, Polk’s aggression paid some big dividends including a five-bet pre-flop shove at one point. His typical river over-bet shoves also scored some nice pots.

The chips just kept going his way much of the day. That was enough to book a win of almost $93,542 on the day, moving Polk back up for the series. However, that’s not a huge lead – just a bit more than two buy-ins for this High Stakes Feud.

The capper for Tuesday’s controversy may have been a video released by poker pro Will Jaffe calling Perkins out. He advised that this was “the ultimate stay in your lane moment.”

After Monday’s session, the heads-up challenge is now about 10% complete. The play went more than three hours and both players have promised moving past the early two-hour sessions.

There are also plans for more frequent matches, with more play set for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. USPoker will update all the action as it plays out.

  • Hands played: 2,374
  • Total: Polk up $67,625.81
  • Next match: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 5:30 pm ET

Day 5: Nov. 13 – Negreanu makes it two in a row, climbs ahead in series

After rallying late in Wednesday’s session, Negreanu built on that momentum Friday. He notched his second straight online win, this time much bigger than his previous score and putting him ahead in the match.

There was plenty of action in session four with plenty of three- and four-bets with big pots. The three-bets came early in the fifth session and Negreanu took the first $20,000-plus pot.

A few more pots went Negreanu’s way early before Polk scored a $7,000 pot with a full house. He followed that up with a few more nice ones.

[embedded content]

Just after raking an $11,000 pot, Negreanu raised to $1,000 from the button. Polk three-bet to $4,110 and his opponent made the call.

The flop brought Q9A♥ and both players checked with 8♥ coming on the turn. Polk checked and Negreanu bet $6,165.

Polk called and the flop brought the 6♠. After a check from his opponent, Negreanu fired $15,413 and Polk made the call. Negreanu tables 8♠9♦ for two pairs and took down a $51,373 pot.

Kid Poker finds some big pots

Things seemed to be going Negreanu’s way and he’d seized a small lead by the first half hour. A massive hand then developed after Negreanu five-bet shoved all in with A♥K♥.

Polk quickly called with 10♣10♥ for an $83,000 pot. The flop brought Polk a set with 2♠4♠10♠ followed by a J♣ on the turn. The 7♥ on the river meant a huge win for Polk.

A few hands later, Negreanu added an $11,000 pot and then found another for $20,000. A $25,000 pot then immediately went Negreanu’s way as another big hand also developed on the second table.

In that one, Polk raised to $910 from the button and was three-bet to $4,241. Polk called and the flop brought 7♣2♣3♣. Negreanu bet $1,600 and received a call.

The turn brought the 5♥ and Negreanu bet a hefty $8,762 before receiving another call. On the river 6♠, Negreanu moved all in and Polk snap-called.

Polk showed 6♥4♥ for a straight while Negreanu tabled 8♠9♠ for a bigger straight. Kid Poker collected a nice $80,000 score.

Truck driver rolls, Negreanu fights back

After a break in the action, the truck driver rallied back with a few nice pots at just over an hour into the session. However, Negreanu seemed more aggressive throughout the day. A big hand developed at about the 90-minute mark.

After Polk raised to $910 on the button, Negreanu three-bet to $4,241. Polk called and the two players saw a flop of 8♠J♣10♠. After Negreanu checked, Polk bet $2,798 and was called.

The 6♥ fell on the turn and Negreanu checked. With the pot at about $14,000, Polk bet $11,542. After Negreanu’s call, the K♥ fell on the river and he checked again. Polk then jammed all in with Negreanu snap calling.

Polk held Q♥9♥ for a King-high straight, but Negreanu showed A♣Q♣ for a Broadway straight. The hand shipped him more than $93,000.

Inside the fifth day of play

It was that kind of day for Negreanu and he seemed to collect plenty of nice pots with big hands. Just a short time after the big Ace-high straight, another pot fell his way.

With 4♣5♦, Negreanu flopped a straight and snagged another $24,000. By the end of the two-hour session, Negreanu had erased his deficit and climbed ahead. He’s now winning almost $26,000 for the series.

That represents less than one buy-in, but so far Negreanu has been competitive in an event many felt Polk would dominate.

“A long way to go to the finish line, but very happy to be ahead obviously,” Negreanu noted on Twitter, and broke out a Rocky shirt to commemorate his success so far.

Beyond hitting big hands, many feel Negreanu heads-up skills have sharpened since earlier online sessions. Even Polk echoed those thoughts.

“The worst part of today’s session wasn’t getting stacked repeatedly for $200,000, it was also seeing Dnegs making less and less errors in other pots,” Polk noted on Twitter. “If the challenge keeps going this direction, may need to trade in the truck for a used Honda Civic.”

Polk probably won’t be heading to the Honda dealership any time soon. He remains confident and is looking forward to next week’s action.

  • Hands played: 1,737
  • Total: Negreanu up $25,916.87
  • Next match: Monday, Nov. 16, 5:30 pm ET

★★★ Those looking to follow the action live, should check out our complete review of the GGPoker and Upswing Poker streams. ★★★


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Day 4: Nov. 11 – Daniel Negreanu rallies for first online win

Score one for Kid Poker. After two straight losing sessions, Daniel Negreanu notched a winning session online Wednesday against Doug Polk. It was a nice result for Negreanu, who is considered the online underdog.

Polk made a small aesthetic change on Wednesday, switching his avatar to the American flag. It may have been a Veterans Day gesture with or a slight needle to his foe’s Canadian flag.

The two traded pots early, moving just above and below each player’s $40,000 starting stack. At about the five-minute mark, Polk made the day’s first four-bet for more than $10,000.

[embedded content]

Negreanu made the call and the two saw a Q7Q♦ flop with almost $22,000 in the pot. After a check, Polk bet $4,318 and his opponent called. The J♥ came on the turn and Polk bet $6,650 after a Negreanu check.

Again Negreanu called and the 10♥ came on the river. Polk shoved all in for $25,000 and Negreanu went in the tank. He eventually folded and Polk dragged a $43,528 pot. More fireworks would follow.

Polk dominates early play

A few hands later, another big pot developed with $34,000 in the pot on a board of 5♣2♦9♦K♦7♣. Both players checked the river and Negreanu took it down with KQ♦.

Despite that, Polk was up about $45,000 the first 20 minutes. A $42,000 pot after a half-hour moved that up to $65,000 and later more than $90,000.

Just short of an hour into the match, a couple interesting hands developed. Polk shoved all in on both tables, one on the turn and one on the river.

Negreanu folded on both, and Polk took almost $14,000 on one and $29,000 on the other. A few hands later Negreanu raked a $17,000 pot, but Polk soon gobbled up one for $32,000. For the first hour, Polk seemed to take pot after pot with aggressive bets on the turn and river.

Kid Poker surges late in the session

Despite Polk’s early domination, Negreanu got back into it. A few hands later, a check-raise on the river worked out well when he caught a straight. Polk called and Negreanu won $24,000.

With about 30 minutes left, another huge hand developed. Negreanu raised to $1,000 from the button and Polk three-bet to $4,110. Negreanu then four-bet to $10,220.

Polk moved all in for another $47,495 with Negreanu making an insta-call. Polk tabled J♣J♦ to Negreanu’s K♠K♣. The flop didn’t change things and Negreanu took a $95,000 pot.

That became the largest pot so far for Negreanu during online play and cut his session deficit to about $30,000. Another $41,000 pot would ship his way a short time later.

In the last 15 minutes, Polk four-bet a pot to $12,876 and Negreanu called. The flop came A♠8♠4♣. Negreanu checked and Polk bet $5,150 and Negreanu called before the turn brought the A♥.

Again Negreanu checked and Polk bet $11,896. His opponent called once again and the river produced a 4♠. Negreanu checked again and Polk moved all in with $126,351.

With only $34,633 in front of him, Negreanu made a snap call and revealed A♦Q♦ for a full house. Polk showed J♠Q♥, handing Negreanu a pot of $129,109 after picking off his bluff.

Inside the fourth day of play

The late comeback brought Negreanu his first winning online session in the series. He finished the day winning $87,167 and the late wins helped overcome some early struggles and frustrations.

“It didn’t feel like a win did it?” he said on the GGPoker stream. “The first hour I just kept missing all these hands. I was getting annoyed.”

While Polk was dominant for much of the day, Negreanu’s late push seemed not to bring any real concerns. Polk knows it’s a long haul.

“Obviously it was not the best of runs there at the end,” he said after the match on the Upswing Poker stream.

Polk said when Negreanu seemed to bet aggressively, he always seemed to have a strong hand. He also feels his opponent has ramped his game up a bit.

“I think he’s playing a little more aggressive online overall than when we played live,” Polk said. “It’s been interesting. It was an interesting swing today.”

Despite the big numbers, Polk notes that he’s up only two and half buy-ins. There haven’t been any massive swings so far and Negreanu also made note of that as well.

  • Hands played: 1,372
  • Total: Doug Polk up $180,865.22
  • Next match: Friday, Nov. 12, 5:30 pm ET

Day 3: Nov. 9 – Doug Polk extends his lead

The High Stakes Feud action resumed on Monday between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk. After one live session won by Negreanu, Polk again won in the second online session at

The pair got in another 382 hands and Polk came out on top for an additional $166,239. This moves his total up to a positive $268,032.

Monday’s action began well for Polk after his 2♦5♦ hit two more fives on the flop early in the match. He got paid off on the river for almost a $27,000 pot.

[embedded content]

However just after that, Negreanu raked his own $29,000 pot on the second table. He added another $10,000 pot a few minutes later with a flush.

There was plenty of three-bet action early. About 15 minutes into the match, Negreanu also picked up a $93,000 pot after picking off a Polk bluff. He seemed to be rolling through the second online session.

Polk turns it around and turns it on

That momentum would change however. About a half-hour in, Polk moved all in for $42,000 on a board of J♣7♥3♦4♣. This came after Negreanu three-bet pre-flop and then bet the flop and the turn. Polk took the $34,000 pot instead.

Several five-figure pots continued to go his way. Polk picked up a $16,000 pot when his K-J hit a King on the river. Polk’s stacks on both tables continued to grow.

He raked a $25,000 pot at about the one hour, 15-minute mark. After three-betting pre-flop, he check-raised the flop and bet big on the turn to draw a fold.

A few hands later, Polk raked a $12,000 pot after betting $17,000 on the river. More pots would go Polk’s way including two simultaneous pots for about $30,000, both of which Negreanu had three-bet.

Polk methodically took control and continued to over-bet often on river cards. Negreanu was put in numerous tough spots and a critical hand came late in the match.

With $13,000 in the pot and a board of K♠7♣3♦8♥5♣, Polk moved all in for $81,000. Negreanu tanked before eventually making the call.

Polk tabled K♦7♥ for two pairs with his opponent showing K♣5♦ for a smaller two pairs. The $96,000 pot was sent to Polk after a tough cooler for his opponent.

Inside the third day of play

After 1,006 hands played so far, Polk looks to be in control. However, there is plenty of poker left to be played. Polk’s lead looks hefty at more than a quarter of a million dollars. However, players start each session with $40,000 and Polk noted his lead isn’t large in this kind of challenge.

“I will say this though, just cause the number is big doesn’t mean Dnegs is down that much,” he noted on Twitter. “He is down a little under seven buy-ins. That is a completely normal result over 1,000 hands of heads-up no limit.”

The two foes are about 4% through the challenge and Polk looks to be in command online so far. His river aggression on Monday seemed constant and gave Negreanu some trouble. Polk did note that Negreanu faced some tough hands.

Negreanu said the big two pairs versus two pairs hand was indicative of how things went. He still seems pleased with how he’s played and believes he’s on the right path overall.

“I was very happy,” Negreanu said on the GGPoker stream after the day’s action wrapped up (see complete stream replay above). “I felt like I ran kind of bad in the last session … but in this one I was quite certain I ran worse. I generally felt pretty comfortable, pretty good.”

Can Kid Poker turn it around? There are plenty more online sessions and USPoker will be tracking all the action.

  • Hands played: 1,006
  • Total: Doug Polk up $268,032
  • Next match: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 5:30 pm ET


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Day 2: Nov. 6 – online action begins, Polk storms ahead

After battling on PokerGO live, the action shifted to on Friday. The heads-up game is Polk’s forté and that came through in the first session online.

When it comes to usernames, Polk brings some humor – going with “MicroStakes” as his moniker. Negreanu goes with “DNegs” at these virtual tables. Here is all the action below via the GGPoker stream.

[embedded content]

There was plenty of action right from the beginning with Negreanu scooping a few pots early . Then almost simultaneous $20,000-plus pots developed on both tables within the first 10 minutes.

Negreanu won the first for $120,698, then action shifted to the second table. That hand produced some fireworks.

With Polk on the $200 small blind, Polk raised to $918 and his opponent three-bet to $4,140. Polk made the call and the flop brought 6♥2♣4♥. Negreanu then bet $6,210 and Polk called with the 10♦ landing on the turn.

Kid Poker checked and Polk bet $6,830. Negreanu, on a stack of just over $56,000, then moved all in. Polk snap-called with almost $29,000 left in front of him – producing a $92,205 pot.

With the call, Negreanu held J♥9♥ for a flush draw. Polk flashed 4♦6♦ for two pairs. The river brought the A♠ and Polk raked the massive pot.

Inside the second day of play

That’s the kind of day it would be for Polk on Day 2 online. He completely flipped the table from the first session – winning $218,292.78 after 424 hands.

“Felt good today,” Polk added on Twitter. “Obviously ran hot in some important spots. Much happier to be back on the online felt.”

A few coolers ran Negreanu’s way and he wasn’t disappointed with his play.

“I’m playing against a really great player,” Negreanu said after the match on the GGPoker stream. “It’s going to be tough and put you in really tough spots. Overall I think I played pretty well.”

  • Hands played: 624
  • Total: Doug Polk up $101,792.78
  • Next match: Monday, Nov. 9, at 5:30 ET

Day 1: Nov. 4 – kicking things off on PokerGO

The two combatants got things started at the PokerGO Studio at Aria casino in Las Vegas. The live component was a late addition but added extra excitement to the series to get fans even more interested.

Ali Nejad and Kane Kalas called the action as the series, known as High Stakes Feud, got underway. Those looking for some contentious banter wouldn’t find it on PokerGO.

While they may trade barbs on social media, Polk and Negreanu were friendly and even wished each other good luck.

The action began with Negreanu raising to $1,000 with K♠4♥ and Polk called with A♥4♣. Both players continued checking on the flop of K♦2♠9♥ and turn of 6♣.

Negreanu then fired a $1,500 bet on the river with Polk raising to $8,500. After some thought, Negreanu made the call and jumped out to a lead of $9,500.

“How many hands left?” he said as he got up from his seat. The joke drew a laugh from his opponent.

That run would continue and the two continued talking poker and other topics throughout. Both players even needled Phil Hellmuth a bit.

[embedded content]

Negreanu finds some big hands to take lead

Some poker fans may have preferred more combative conversation. However, even the friendly chit chat made for better viewing. High stakes players simply staring at cards hasn’t made for great viewing.

Negreanu even mentioned his new chair for the online portion of the match – complete with built-in massager.

By Thursday morning, High Stakes Feud had been viewed more than 260,000 times on YouTube. At the table, Negreanu seemed in control in the first match.

A look at the action from the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas.
A look at the action from the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas.

An early win with a flush saw Polk dip below half his starting stack and add $30,000. Negreanu kept a small advantage of $10,000 to $15,000 for much of the early play.

Polk reversed Negreanu’s lead after a break in the action. He flopped a flush while Negreanu hit the nut-flush draw. Polk ultimately raked a pot of $11,600 for his first lead in the match.

That lead disappeared soon as Negreanu took a few big pots and found a lead of about $50,000. One of the biggest hands then came right before the end of the night.

Polk raised the action to $900 with Q♦J♦ and Negreanu three-bet to $4,000 with 10♣6♣. Polk made the call and the flop brought 6♠K♣6♥.

Negreanu then bet $1,600 and Polk called. The river brought the 8♦ and he then checked. Polk fired $7,600 and Negreanu called.

The 2♥ fell on the river and Negreanu checked again. Polk continued the bluff moving all in, swelling the pot to more than $70,000.

Negreanu called and raked a massive pot with Polk adding another $50,000. The match would come to a close a few hands later with Negreanu finishing up $116,500 for the first session.

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Reflecting on the first day of action

In his post-match interview, Negreanu spoke about how the live game was to his advantage.

“I’ve got 20 years of playing under the lights in this scenario, but unfortunately for me that’s just a very small portion of the match,” he said. “I know that we’ve got a long road ahead and we’re going to be walking into his arena, which is online.

“I felt like I played well and executed my strategy. It was really important to me to get off to a good start and I want to make this match competitive.”

Negreanu did just that. With action shifting online, Polk is in his element and it will be interesting to see how things play out.

“I had some spots that I thought were good to bluff – they weren’t,” Polk said about the live play element. “Just really didn’t get things going my way.”

Online poker included in Negreanu-Polk chit chat

The ins and outs of real money US online poker became a topic of conversation late in the match. Polk spoke about some struggles making a large deposit on

“I always feel bad [for the sites] because it’s not their fault,” Negreanu noted about regulations legal operators faced. “It’s all politicians just doing their best.”

The site, however, apparently made some moves to facilitate the large deposits. has also designated two cash game tables for the match.

“It was pretty cool they made it work for us,” Negreanu noted.

Kid Poker went on to detail some of the frustrations the industry initially faced in Nevada. The two continued discussing the state of online poker and now take the game to the virtual tables.

After the loss, Polk to Twitter to offer an interesting post-match note as the action heads online.

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Photos courtesy of PokerGO

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