Nebraska man wins second scratch-off lottery jackpot this year

Lightning strikes twice for one lucky player

By Kate Northrop

NORFOLK, Neb. — Will third time be the charm? A Nebraska lottery winner might consider buying one more lottery ticket after winning a second jackpot this year.

The Nebraska Lottery saw Michael Christiansen back in March when he won and claimed a $50,000 top prize from the $5 “Money Clip” scratch-off game. Last Thursday, he paid them another visit to claim his second top prize, this one worth $100,000.

Christiansen had actually bought the two winning tickets from the same store, the local Louie’s Liquor shop on S 13th Street in Norfolk. He was bewildered by his sheer luck for the second time, having scored his most recent $100,000 jackpot from the Lottery’s $10 “20X The Money” scratch-off game.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said in a press release. “What are the odds? I didn’t think it was real.”

The odds of winning the “Money Clip” and “20X The Money” top prizes are the same, each 1 in 80,000.

After having claimed his second prize this past Thursday at the Lottery’s headquarters in Lincoln, Christiansen said he wants to try purchasing his late daughter’s home since she had recently passed away. He also said that he’ll put a portion of his latest winnings toward building a garage as well as saving up for retirement.

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