Looking for One2six OTS owner

Copy of the post made in the software section, since maybe this is a better place to post.

I have been working on a vulnerability with the OTS / MFS shufflers for the past few months. Unfortunately I no longer have access to a machine for experimenting.

I’m looking for a partner who owns / has access to an OTS model. I will send the necessary equipement so I can work remotely. No tampering / altering of the machine is required.

I don’t have an edge value to give as proof of my results, I am not a blackjack player so monetizing hasn’t been my priority. But I am talking about a major vulnerability here. Someone I know who plays blackjack professionally estimated a 5-10% edge with current results, but I am still improving my exploit before working on any sort of edge.

I have not given much information by choice, but I will provide more info if we end up working together.

Email me at : [email protected]

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