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It’s Liverpool v Man City into the Premier League on Sunday and also you don’t desire to miss this bet365 bet offer that is free! Place a pre-match bet that is single Liverpool v Man City and Bet365 gives us a totally free bet corresponding to our biggest pre-match bet, as much as £50.00, to make use of in play. Translated into matched betting terms, thus giving us a guaranteed profit of £34.03 and here’s how…

Key terms

  • This offer is invite only, open to clients who’ve gotten the email that is promotional web message, text message, pop-up or mobile notification.
  • We must place our bet that is qualifying on v Man City before 16:30 (kick-off) on Sunday 7th February 2021.
  • We’ll Receive a free bet equal to our pre-match stake that is largest, up to a maximum of £50.00.
  • The free bet will only become available once the match has kicked off.

Qualifying bet

If you’d like more information about qualifying bets and how they work, please see my bets that are qualifying.

We should put our qualifying bet on either group to win as which will additionally qualify us for Bet365’s 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer, where they’ll pay us out if our chosen team goes two objectives ahead, regardless of result that is final. Early payout offers are well worth a look we could place our

qualifying bet


Liverpool in the Full Time Result market.Betfair if you haven’t already!

Having looked at the odds available and Smarkets are both options that are great this offer. That our lay stake should be £47.49… Place if you’ve not used one of them, now is a great time to give them a try. + 0% commission up to £500 for all new sign-ups + £10 bonus for all new sign-ups We can calculate our


stake using the ‘

Qualifying Bet

‘ setting on my Matched Betting Calculator…

As you can see, the calculator tells us £50.00 on Liverpool @ 3.40 = profit that is potential of*)Lay £47.49 on Liverpool @ 3.60 = Potential liability of £123.47

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the possible outcomes…OutcomeBet365BetfairProfit/LossLiverpool win+ £120.00

– £123.47£3.47 lossLiverpool lose or draw– £50.00+ £46.54

£3.46 lossSo, regardless of whether Liverpool win, lose or draw, we’ll lose a maximum of £3.47 in qualifying for our £50.00 free bet.Free bet

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Our £50.00 bet that is free just be available when the match begins and is employed in play. Free bet stakes aren’t contained in any returns.

Betfair logo

It’s impractical to know very well what chances are available before the match has kicked down, but we have to be planning to transform our £50.00 free bet into around 75% money, so £37.50.

If you’re unsure how exactly to transform bets that are free cash, please see my free bets guide for a walkthrough of how it should be done.

I’ll use back odds odds 8.50 and lay
odds of 9.80 for 2-1 Man City in the following example to illustrate how things should pan out. We can calculate our
lay stake using the ‘ Free Bet ‘ setting on my Matched Betting Calculator…

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our

lay stake should be*)Place that is £38.34 £50.00 on 2-1 Man City @ 8.50 = profit that is potential of*)Lay £38.34 on 2-1 Man City @ 9.80 = Potential liability of £337.39

Betfair(*)Profit/Loss(*)Man City win 2-1(*)+ £375.00(*)– £337.39(*)£37.61 profit(*)Man City don’t win 2-1(*)– Free bet(*)+ £37.57(*)£37.57 profit(*)So, with some odds that are decent we’ll convert our £50.00 free bet into around £37.50 cash.(*)If we take into consideration our maximum loss that is qualifying of, thus giving us a (*)guaranteed profit of £34.03(*) with this Bet365 offer!(*)More Football Offers…(*)Take a review of my comprehensive selection of available soccer provides.(*)View Provides (*)

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