Letter: Thanks to those who keep us all safe

There are no words or actions to adequately express the deep gratitude I feel for the many hardworking, brave, and compassionate people who are on the frontlines and backlines of these fires. During the last wind event, I evacuated to the Home Depot parking lot (thank you, Home Depot, Walmart, and other businesses for opening up your lots) on a warning for the Sterling/Magalia/Paradise area. I had no idea where the new fire danger was coming from as I just learned of the evacuation from a local radio station emergency interruption on my battery powered radio. Once again, the power had been out for a day or two, so no reliable cell phone service or WiFi.

With better cell service in Chico, I was able to find a number to call to get specific information on this particular warning. Imagine my surprise when a person actually answered the phone instead of a prerecorded message as I was expecting. This kind fellow, Brandt, from southern Colorado who was working a relief shift at 3:00 a.m. told me what I needed to know and greatly put my fears to rest. He informed me that firefighters from 42 states, 2 provinces, and Puerto Rico were on the fire scenes throughout California. I still choke up when I think about the MANY good people who selflessly respond in times of disaster, something I’ve been doing since the Camp Fire.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Marcella Seay, Magalia

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