Letter: Bonding bill becomes gambling chip

Our jobs gambled away.

If we can peel our eyes off Trump and Biden there is a crucial battle to notice at the St. Paul Capitol. In a time of economic depression due to Covid, Minnesota’s elected Republicans have blocked 30,000 jobs in our state, according to the Pioneer Press. This is the minimum number of jobs attached to our biennial state bonding bill HF3 which would spread nearly a billion dollars across the state. The money is for road and bridge repair and public works projects in numerous Minnesota towns, including Chatfield, Winona and Lanesboro.

Minnesota Republican officials have no dispute with cost or content of the bill. Instead, they’ve chosen to sacrifice all these needed jobs and safety measures in a turf fight with Gov. Walz. Due to Trump refusing pandemic leadership, all governors across the country have needed to declare emergency measures for public health. Minnesota Republicans think our state should take the radical, risky path of removing that leadership through an ultimatum: jobs only if emergency powers end. What happened to negotiation?

Jane Skinner Peck, Lanesboro

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