Kevin Martin Folded What?

Almost every poker player to ever exist has misread or accidentally folded a hand they shouldn’t have. Fortunately for us, we weren’t playing in a game with thousands of viewers watching. That’s just what happened this week when Twitch streamer Kevin Martin mistakenly folded the nuts during a $31.50 Bounty Hunters Tournament on GG Poker.

How it happened

After flopping an open-ended a straight draw on the flop, Kevin Martin called a flop bet by his opponent. When the dream card on the turn, giving Martin the nut straight, viewers expected Martin to punish his opponent on the hand. Instead, Martin looked at the hand and calmly said “not exactly the card I was looking for” before quickly folding the hand after a turn check.

Since the tournament was being streamed on Martin’s Twitch channel on a delay, he did not realize his error until the chat caught up to the hand a few minutes later.

Here was the hand that Martin posted on Twitter.

Martin responded to his misfortune by saying he “never would have known” had he not been streaming. He later said it was the “most embarrassing play possible.” Once Martin had found out about the fold from the chat, he reviewed the hand to see that he had indeed folded the nuts.

It wasn’t the first time that Martin was caught folding the nuts (again a straight) while on stream. The hand occurred in 2017 on PokerStars while playing $11 $12,000 “Mini Monday tournament.

Kevin Martin is GG Poker’s most recent pro

Despite the embarrassing fold, Kevin Martin fans are happy he’s back in the action. Last year, Martin was one of the many online poker pros who announced his departure as a Team PokerStars sponsored pro, joining the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Jaime Staples, Jeff Gross, and Matt Staples. Like all of those pros, Martin eventually found a new home in partypoker but then retired from streaming later that year.

While Jaime Staples and Matt Staples moved to partypoker, Daniel Negreanu moved to GG Poker, where he has been instrumental in GG Poker’s rise in respectability, with the online poker room even hosting dozens of WSOP events this summer.

Earlier this month, Kevin Martin joined GG Poker as a sponsored pro, joining an impressive lineup of players that include. Negreanu, Bryn Kenney, Fedor Holz, Felipe Ramos and Bertrand Grospellier. The poker pros’ primary objective is to help grow the GG Poker brand. In Martin’s case that is through his following achieved by an appearance on Big Brother and on Twitch.

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