Juicy stakes poker site review! bad news!

Initially published by oldgrinder63

I deposited a complete of 85.00 and went it to 320 however began doing the things I must have done them out before I deposited and that was to check! Out they have all these hidden conditions in order to do a cash out! 1st off they charge 50 dollars and the min cash out you can request is 250 as it turns. Now we never ever got any deposit bonus so absolutely nothing to roll over but doesn’t make a difference you’ve still got to build up plenty of player points until i do massive gambling on the site before you can cash, so lets say I won a tourney and made 900 I wont see a dime of it! Its a total sick joke and they are just taking advantage of American players I guess because they can. Oh well they just suckered me personally away from 85.00. I will be completed with all down coast poker websites, and they have legal sites in Arizona that are regulated!(* until I move to Nevada or)

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