If I have a 4A and the dealer has a 10,so “I hit right” because the soft table says to hit,Then I get another ace so I would have 4AA,Now what do I do,do I follow the hard table or soft table. could someone explain pleas

Think of it this way: If you get a second ace, one ace will always be a 1 and the other will always be an 11 (this is assuming it’s your 3rd card and of course you didn’t start with a blackjack). So like others have said, you have A5 (A4+1) or soft 16.

You can never have two aces worth 11 in the same hand. One ace will be worth 11 (soft hand) until the total of all your other cards is greater than 10, then that ace becomes a 1. Once that happens, you now have a hard hand.

So, if you have A-2-2-A you can “reduce” that to A-5 or soft 16. Get a 3rd ace and you now have soft 17.

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