I was in PA at a rest stop and bought a $2 ticket from this machine. It fell through the crack where the tickets would normally come out.no idea who is in charge of the machines so I just left and ate the $2 loss… Would you reccomend writing to the lottery and asking for a new ticket?

While this won’t help you now, for those in a similar situation, ask the store staff to open the door. Tickets falling through the back part of the tray, which I assume you’re referring to, happens every so often. Seen it myself.

A more common problem with that older style of unit is tickets getting stuck and not dispensing. Sometimes tapping on the front will cause the ticket to drop. Otherwise ask store staff to open door and retrieve ticket. I’ve seen many instances of numerous tickets being stuck inside. Many don’t ask / figure it’s not worth the bother. However, even a low domination ticket could be a decent winner.

In my limited experience with some newer style machines, they seem more reliable. Also, they offer more features, including mobile phone coupon redemption, but I digress.

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