How to Seperate the Best Casino Bonus From the Worst

It’s no secret that casinos in the UK are jam-packed with bonuses. You’re practically
showered in gifts from the second you sign up, and it continues long after too.

Some of these offers can look great at first glance, but things change when you dig a little deeper. What we’re saying is, not everything is always as it seems when it comes to casino bonuses.

So how do you actually know what’s good and what’s bad? In this guide, we tell you
exactly what you should be looking for, and how to separate the best casino bonus from the worst.

‘Free’ Isn’t Always Free


the-fine-printIt’s easy to get drawn into offers that promise free spins, but more often than not, it costs money to claim them. So by definition, they’re pretty far from being free.

Because of this, it’s really important to read the small print. When you do, you will find a stipulation that the free spins are triggered after a deposit of a certain size.

The UK Gambling Commission has actually started to crack down on this now, and you will find more operators using the term ‘bonus spins’ instead. Although, there are still some using the existing terminology of ‘free’, so keep an eye out for that.

Withdrawing Cash Can be Near Impossible

So you get a nice big bonus, and have plenty to play with, great. But we all play to win, right? What you might not realise is that these seemingly generous casino bonuses are almost impossible to win from.

Winning spins, yes, increasing your balance, maybe, but withdrawing cash? Think again.This is why looking at the wagering requirements is very important. If you have a £100 bonus with colossal wagering like 70x, you will need to turnover £7,000 in order to take any actual cash. It’s very difficult to do, and a bonus with 30x wagering would be significantly better value. It’s hard to avoid wagering requirements, but finding the lowest is always a good idea.

Maximum Wins and Limitations

Let’s say you manage to complete wagering and have a healthy balance you want to withdraw. You might not realise that you will be limited on how much you can win from a bonus, and it can be pretty low.

For example, you might be capped at £100 winnings. That might not seem too bad, but considering how hard you’ve had to work for it, and the time you’ve had to spend wagering, it’s not great.

It can feel like operators will do their absolute best to avoid you being able to take money away from a casino bonus. The good news is that it’s not always the case, you just need to know where to look.

Where to Find The Best Casino Bonuses

We recommend that you take a look at the many comparison sites available that have already done the investigations for you. Think of it as the same as buying car insurance, or comparing holiday prices. You can save yourself plenty of time this way.

If you do decide to look yourself, keep all of these things in mind about wagering and
withdrawal limitations. Pay close attention to the terms and conditions and iron
everything out before you put money in.

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