How playing the lottery can help you make a brighter future


These supermarket staff won £6.8 million in the National Lottery. They won’t be bored for a while!

I was in my local supermarket and I noticed the checkout girl looked a bit depressed.

“What’s the problem?” I asked, as she loaded up the shopping bags for me.

“Boredom,” she rolled her eyes.

I suggested she undercharge the next few customers and get a kick out of seeing how excited they were when their groceries only cost a fraction of what they expected.

We both laughed over that insane suggestion, but as I left it made me think.

One of the ways to banish boredom is to have something to look forward to.

When you anticipate the freedom of a weekend away, or an event like a birthday or family gathering, this makes the future brighter.


Queuing for a big Mega Millions game – would you call that boring?

Don’t neglect to include the week’s Lotto game either. You’ll be surprised at how excited most people get as Saturday rolls around.

There is no greater feeling of anticipation than waiting for your numbers to pop out.

One week I watched as all my tickets were checked through the lotto machine for the Saturday game. Up till then there were no winning tickets. Until I could see just one left in the guy’s hand.

Then, bingo! That was a prize winner and I was several hundred dollars richer.

Then a couple days later the Wednesday game produced 5 winning tickets, just like that.

It’s little things like this which add fun to your life – and reduce any boredom.

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