How long until I get back into Discord?

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Ok so I just deleted my Discord Account on Friday due to a bad experience with people on a discord server who were stalking me and harassing me as a individual up to a point where I had to leave my friends and guild friends behind.

I won’t tell you the Discord Server’s name since I rather not get into too much trouble and just want to start a new beginning or life pretty much. How many days until I get back into Discord to start a new. I’m only going to be on Discord to talk with others like Guild Friends for example. Just becareful online folks. You don’t know what your getting yourself into on Discord.

Why can’t you just block them, if that doesn’t help report them to Discord for harassment?

I’m not an avid user, but does making another account somehow get attached to your old one?

I mean I did block them but they would cause issues on to other servers I was on at the time. So I ended up leaving Discord and deleting my Account. Now since Friday I have to wait until I could use my Email again to make a New Account and it’ll only be for the People who are my Guild Friends. I haven’t found a Guild Yet.

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