How i figured out how online bookies defraud customers and why i got banned from their site for exposing them.

Firstly full disclosure there’s an element of self promotion given the nature of the topic. I’m usually humble about this and private because it attracts the wrong kind of attention. I learned this the hard way, the problem is people feel it justifiable to defraud gamblers since its considered a vice.

My story starts at the age of 8 the day my father showed me the “patterns” in form and ever since then I was hooked. My tiny brain was constantly looking for patterns in the world. The old Man also loves the game and owns a few horses which is s waste if you ask me

By the time I was 13 I was making good pocket money during weekends for the coming week. This is when I learnt what a user was and when days are dark friends are few.

After graduating I bought my first business at 23 solely with the proceeds of punting. My credit score was outstanding with all the money coming in.

So my modus operandi is small stakes for big wins. This first happened by design because I had a limited bankroll. In fact it anyone from outside sa plays here they already win on currency alone. Syndicate anyone? DM? There’s fortune to be made and I know how to work the system on limits.

I suddenly started making lots of “mistakes” even though I write down my selections on paper and copy and paste. I was missing out on big bets by a single leg and the tickets would still say bet pending. Over and above this they randomly would not send my ticket confirmation or send it hours later or the next day. The sneaks use remote images from their servers as betting conformation emails. This allows for them to literally change the tickets and no one is the wiser.

The bets sometimes remain pending in my account for months and whenever I query it they wrote it off as a glitch. No matter how much evidence I provided they never ever accepted guilt because if that do it once then their house of cards would come down hard. Its disgusting in how they do this, they call with no intention of solving the issue but only to fish how strong my evidence is. Then they’ll know how to deal with it. By Either leave it as unpaid or totally write it clan to a losing ticket.

So I took a bet for R50 and I was supposed to be paid 300000. They only paid me 69k. They sent that bets confirmation at midnight. So I obviously told them to withhold payment. They processed the payment immediately and I took the matter up with the gambling board who are blatantly on the side of the bookies. They provided no evidence and straw manned me and decided the matter closed. Within their explanation however the bookies staff gave a buckshit detailed breakdown of how they were correct in paying me 89k. Inadvertently proving that they can and actually conduct the practice of bet changing.

There are bets that were supposed to pay me millions but went into pending mode after changing one leg.

So I decided to take a screenshot of what my actual winning was and by their own calculation I was short paid. This resulted in them calling me to tell me they will be closing down my account. I tried to access the account history and they were in the process of wiping my account of evidence. Every single bet I ever took was marked as refunded. This is a crime from a financial intelligence perspective.

I luckily printed out my betting history a few times and had them send me it also. There were so many bets that were not there and had their reference numbers changed.

So the bets either just become losing tickets and sometimes they become unclaimed funds which should never happen online.

Any advice on how I should handle this. I can’t let them get away with this. They are predators who prey on ignorance. If you can’t explain what the pending balance is for then they laugh all the way to the bank. I can only imagine how often they do this to unsuspecting clients who take soccer bets with 30 teams parlay.

Wat should I do? I really want them to pay financially. I want revenge by revenue because that’s what it’s all about. Money. Anyone keen on helping me hurt them while making money contact me. I can make a lot of money for us while taking physical bets which can’t be changed. In fact if anyone pays close attention to their advertising its always a big payday from physical tickets. Rarely ever online. Your rules, my selections. Fair.

Thanks for taking the time to read this rather long post. I really appreciate you taking valuable time to read this and hopefully avoid such a thing happen to you. Has anyone experienced such a thing before?

If you have let me know how you dealt with it. Let me know how I can deal with them. Your assistance will be invaluable.

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