How do Real Casinos Compare to Online Casinos?

Real Casinos VS Online Casinos

Real Casinos VS Online Casinos

With the rise of technology more people than ever are working, playing and socialising online. As more individuals rely on their smartphones and tablets, several industries including gaming have begun to invest more in their online platforms and offer new and exciting experiences for users who would traditionally utilise their services offline. Since the first online casino launched back in 1996, the growth of the online gambling industry has been exponential, with thousands of online casinos all over the world offering the most technologically-advanced and fun games on offer.

But what is the draw of online casinos compared to land-based casinos? Read on to find out more.

A global mindset

Depending on the country’s laws, an online casino can be played by people around the world. One of the great things about playing at online casinos are the variety of currencies that are accepted. Unlike some land based casinos, especially the smaller ones, many online casinos are able to accept a variety of different currencies and forms of payment, which you may not find at your local spot.

This global approach also comes to language. Many of the most popular online casinos offer multiple language support, so that no matter where you’re from or what your first language is, you can enjoy playing without worrying about any issues around comprehension.


The environment of an online casino is different from a land-based casino, in that the environment of the online casino is wherever the player happens to be. At an online casino, you can create your own environment, whether that be on the couch, on your commute or even a home-designed casino!

Of course, nothing beats the atmosphere of a real life casino with the hustle and bustle, food and drink options and more. But the home comforts and lack of dress code mean that you can enjoy your favourite games from whatever place you like best. They also allow beginners to get an understanding of basic elements such as the poker hand ranges, before testing themselves against experienced players! With so many advancements in technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, the casino atmosphere is coming closer and closer to home.

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And so much of the psychology and experience behind games like poker can be replicated on an online setting. The tension, the nerves, the skills and the bluffing are all possible in the digital realm, just as they are in real life.


The accessibility of online casinos is a real draw for many of its players. Being able to access your favourite games twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with a full operative support system, is something that most land based casinos just can’t offer. And for people that don’t live in the larger cities, their own offering may not be as good as what they can get online.

Offers and Bonuses

With such a saturated and growing market, one of the way that online casinos can differentiate themselves from the crowd, is to host a variety of offers and bonuses as part of their gaming experience.

While many land based casinos have no offers and incentives, with a lack of overheads to pay, the online casino versions are often superior. Online casinos love to attract new customers through these kinds of signup bonuses and many of them often have VIP programmes or bonus schemes that build the more you play. Which means, of course, more opportunities to win big!

Player Support

One of the great things about online casinos is that they follow the model of most online platforms that offer services in terms of customer support. Whether it’s telephone, live chat, email or fax — there are a variety of channels to help players with any queries they may have, often with extended hours.

Help page (Mr. Green casino)
A useful support page, including the important live chat option (from Mr. Green casino)

Many online casinos also offer players with detailed instructions on how to play their games, which you won’t find at the land based alternatives. And with so many different options, you can start off with low bet games to build up your skills and knowledge.

Safety and Privacy

Player safety is always paramount when it comes to all types of casinos. But online casinos have an advantage when it comes to safety as all games can be played from the comfort of home, and users do not have to worry about either entering or leaving the casino with cash on hand. In addition to this, online transactions are becoming more and more secure — especially when it comes to the most popular brands of online casinos — so making deposits is safe to do.

Then, there’s the privacy aspect. Many people enjoy the increased sense of privacy they get when playing their favourite casino games online, and not have to worry about the photographic records or video footage that is required by most land-based casinos. Personal data collected by online casinos are usually stored into encrypted databases and subjected to a strong policy that safeguard the players privacy.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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