Having good luck trying advantage slots, any suggestions on games to play/ what to look out for?

I know it’s all luck and rng but it’s fun to think I had an affect on winning and increasing my chances of winning by a couple of percentage. Any games you like or modes you look for? By advantage I mean like games with a persistent state or ones that builds up free spins.

Just played FarmVille. Got 6 pumpkins and hit the blue ribbon 30 free games and 4x multiplier. 200x win. Green ribbon (3x) was at 30 games too, so this would a good machine to pick.

Found some good spots on wheel of fortune 4D (one $ on each column) but could not lineup the wilds.

There is a magic of the Nile machine I can check but from my experience the payout is not great.

I really want to play a Buffalo diamond. But sadly it looks like no MGM casino has it, I may have to visit the Cosmo.

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