Guys what do you think of this strategy? I am trying this and for now I am making a profit, but what do you guys think?

It’s a martingale. You’ll win for a while (maybe) then come crashing down in magnificent flames. That red/black pattern offers no strategy, as the wheel has no memory. The martingale system is simply doubling your losing bets. But this is why tables have a “maximum bet.” On most tables you’ll be capped at around 8 bets. And you will eventually lose 8 in a row. And it will be devastating.

I know this because I wanted to try it when I was around 22 years old. AND I realized that with a partner you can martingale both red and black at the same time. So literally each spin was worth a one unit profit no matter where it landed. We had a couple of winning sessions and felt pretty good, on a $10-$1000 European wheel at the old Hilton casino in Atlantic City. Fourth session, 15 minutes in, it happened. 8 loses in a row. Bust-o.

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