GrandeVegasCasino won’t cash me out due to using 2 no deposit or free chip bonuses in a row. Am I at fault? Why don’t they just deny the coupon…?

So I Actually won a $4,000 jackpot off a $50 chip but was told it would only end up being $300. Such is life. I did not complain about that.

However, now I’m not even getting the $300 which was ther max cashout on that loyalty bonus chip.

Do they really expect us to keep track of our last used bonus code?

Or perhaps this is their scam, they send daily emails with free spins and whatnot just for being a member. And I’m supposed to keep track of this? Well played Grande you found a way to lure people to your casinos and not pay them by offering so many different bonuses. What pisses mr off is they let you use consecutive bonuses whereas all other sites I’ve played will say “this promotion is not valid until you make another deposit” or “coupon not valid at this time” or something.

At least a warning would be nice. I know other casinos will completely stop you from using two in a row. I think this is their game – on purpose – a shady tactic or practice: they email you daily non-stop free chips and stuff knowing you’ll likely use them and all your money.

At least warning would be nice like “You’re attempting to use 2 free bonus codes in a row and if you do choose to continue you will lose all your money. Would you like to still proceed? Yes/No”

But I actually think they do this on purpose. Let you play with two consecutive free loyalty spins or codes or whatnot in order to get out of paying you.

Proceed with caution.

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