Grab these 5 quick checklist ways for using LottoPredict to win the lottery faster


Harold Diamond won’t need to worry about filling in lottery tickets ever again!. He was the sole winner of the New York Mega Millions $346 million jackpot.

Our LottoPredict service is a fantastic way to improve your game results. And I want to make sure you’re using it correctly.

Many Silverites don’t know how to get the most out of this great program.

So here’s the top 5 ways you can ramp up your win rate with LottoPredict:

1) Make sure you know these important LottoPredict differences:

– Standard Silver Lotto System players use the green/red boxes ONLY.

– PRO players use the PRO columns ONLY.

Don’t get confused.

2) Go with the recommended ticket amount.

The ticket outlay is there for a reason. Many players only spend a few dollars and wonder why their win rate is marginal. You need to take notice of the suggested play amount and play to it. Playing with a larger number of tickets more than increases your chances, so don’t be a cheapskate.

3) Check your game for suitability with the star ratings.

The star rating is an excellent way to pick the best game for standard Silver Lotto System players. Look at the games you can play in your area and choose the highest star-rated game there. If you use PRO you don’t need to worry – your clever PRO Custom Profiles automatically turn all the low 1-star games into good 3-star ones.

4) Stay with the same game.

Once you select a game, you should play it forever. Chopping and changing will NOT increase your win rates. Stick to one game and resist the temptation to mix it up with another one. A single focus is what you need to win fast.

5) Buy your tickets early.

When your tickets are safely tucked away, and the jackpot draw is still to come, that’s a good feeling. You have committed and you’re in the game. It gives you time to think about what you’ll spend your prize money on.

It’s the best time of the week – apart from winning of course!

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