The designers at Quickspin have always had a good sense of timing, which is why they released the Ghost Glyph pokie in the days leading up to Halloween. This is a medium volatility cluster game, featuring up to 2200x in exposure and a 31% hit rate in the base game.

If you’re in the mood for some good-natured scares, check out the following article for my Ghost Glyph review.

Options for Wagers

In this game, punters have 16 betting options to choose from. The lowest is $0.20, while the highest is $100. This should satisfy players ranging from low to high rollers.

Where to Find Ghost Glyph

Ghost Glyph is located at any online casino offering games from Quickspin. In the case of Aussie punters, some of the more notable choices include Pokies Parlour and Johnny Kash.

Tumbling Reels

The symbols making up a winning cluster are removed and replaced with new symbols falling from above. Any new wins are then added to the original win. This means a single spin can result in multiple winning lines.

Ghost Glyph

Each time a winning cluster forms, a ghost glyph spawns inside it. These symbols are then evaluated and removed as a wild. If connected to a win, they also activate one of the game’s ghost urns.

Ghost Urns

There are four types of ghost urns, and each is activated by a ghost glyph win. Before each spin, five urns are randomly determined and displayed above the reels (with the blue urn always being the fifth one). Urns are activated from left to right.

Ghost urns include the following:

  • Red Ghost – This flaming ghost with horns targets one type of low-win icon at random. It then unleashes a blast of flame, eliminating all traces of that specific symbol.
  • Green Ghost – This crazed spirit lets out an unearthly howl, transforming one type of random low-win symbol into another type.
  • Yellow Ghost – When this ghost appears, he randomly generates four to ten wild symbols on the reels.
  • Blue Ghost – This ghost activates the bonus game and awards eight free spins. During the bonus game, activating this urn awards a trio of additional spins.

Virtual reels for Ghost Glyph pokie

Ghost Glyph Paytable

This section examines the paytable of the game, including the symbols found on the reels and their relative worth. Payouts vary based on the player’s wager, and the following examples assume a bet of $10 per spin.

  • Low Win Icons – These symbols include small amulets in the shape of a star, crescent moon, skull or cobweb. The lowest payouts are $5 for five matches, $10 for six, and $20 for seven. The highest payouts include $100 for 12 to 14 matches, plus $300 for 15 or more matches.
  • Emerald – This symbol has 11 different values, with the lowest being $10 for five matches and $20 for six. Meanwhile, the highest values are $300 for 12 to 14 matches and $3000 for 15+ matches.
  • Rubies – This icon has a minimum value of $20 for five matches, $30 for six, and $40 for seven. The largest payouts include $1000 for 12 to 14 matches and $6000 for 15+ matches.
  • Diamonds – The diamond icon is the game’s most lucrative symbol. At the lower levels, it pays $30 for five matches, $50 for six, and $60 for seven. Meanwhile, top payouts include $1400 for 12 to 14 matches and $12,000 for 15+ matches.
  • Wild – This golden cube, marked with the letter “W,” serves as the game’s wild icon. It substitutes for all symbols during the game, with the exception of the ghost glyph.

Bonus Game and Paranormality Levels

The player earns the bonus game when the blue ghost urn is activated. This triggers a new screen, some catchy techno music, and eight free spins.

During the bonus game, a “paranormality meter” is added above the reels. Each winning combo increases the gauge, and eight wins fills it entirely. When the gauge is full, the meter levels up.

At the end of the bonus, the Massive Wilds features becomes active. Of course, this only happens if the paranormality meter reaches level one or higher.

Here’s how it works:

  • Level 1 – Spawns two 2×2 Haunted Wild symbols.
  • Level 2 – Spawns one 3×3 Colossal Wild symbol.
  • Levels 3 and up – Increases the amount of moves by the 3×3 Colossal Wild before it disappears (+1 for each level).

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed Ghost Glyph a great deal, from the distinctive game symbols to the unique ghosts locked away in their urns. The chase for the bonus round was exciting, and stringing together several wins was especially satisfying.

Ghost Glyph is a terrific option for the Halloween season. However, it’s also well-suited for every other month of the year. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

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