GGpoker have potencial to get to be the brand new PokerStars

i’ve never played on GG Poker, I live (Sweden) because they dont operate, where. But I think, its overall still not as complete and professional a site as PokerStars. Than it used to be, thats kind of a big omission as you say, there are no SnGs, and even if this game format is less popular.

I also think, the terms and conditions of GG Poker are kind of bullshit. They allow themselfes to kick out people basically at their own discretion, if for instance they deem them to do to”bum that is much” in money games. As well as in yesteryear there has been tales about individuals getting kicked away or warned for having their tracker available while playing on GG, although the HUD dont work here, helping to make simply no feeling either. They will have also recently hired Dan Bilzerian as ambassador, which if you ask me isn’t some body, a critical business should associate themselfes with.

So while GG Poker happens to be in a position to develop a great deal, plus it ended up being a massive information me pokerStars is still the clear industry leader for them to host the online WSOP in 2020 due to the pandemic, to. I dont like everything, PokerStars have done over the years by increasing rake and cutting rewards, but they still have great software and game selection that is great. And I had to have a large sum of money sitting, it would certainly be Stars.(* if I was to choose any online poker site, where)

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