Florida “Online Gambling” Arrests

A couple in Florida have been arrested on charges related to online gambling. The two face over 300 counts of illegally setting up, promoting and/or conducting a lottery online… even though no online lottery site ever existed.

Apparently, the man and woman joined a Facebook group called Lavish Life Bingo. Somehow, they duped people into sending them up to $45 at a time for a bingo game that never really existed. Once 20 people paid to join the fictitious game, the couple randomly selected a winner. That winner was paid $400 from the $900 pool the couple collected, netting them a cool $500 per session.

Only charities can run a bingo game… but no actual bingo took place. And the headlines have labeled this an ‘online gambling’ case… but no gambling took place. This was fraud, pure and simple. The charges relate to “promoting” a lottery… which this sort of was… and an illegal one.

You can read more about the online gambling arrests at WFLA.com

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