Facebook Webhook getting Manage_pages permission has been revoked for the app

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I’m working on creating a webhook app and when working will then create an app integrating the FB API to pass lead data to backend.

I finally got the Webhook setup and all the permissions

  • pages_show_list
  • leads_retrieval
  • pages_read_engagement
  • pages_manage_metadata
  • pages_read_user_content
  • pages_manage_engagement

I subscribed to the client’s page and all seems to be good now that I finally see my Webhook on the Lead Ads Testing Tool

However, when I submit a test I get the message “Manage_pages permission has been revoked for the app”. I’m not exactly sure why but I suspect need review process? Here are my questions

  1. Do I need to go through App Review to solve this problem?
  2. I created the webhook/app for a client and I have access to his Business manger account. Do I still need to go through App review ?
  3. If I do need to go through app review, one of the requirements is to do Business Verfication and the only option is to create a Business Manager account. But this isn’t for me, its for my client. Do I still need to create the Busines manager account?
  4. This is going to be just a webhook for leadgen so no facebook login needed. Is FB Login required for App reivew?
  5. Anything else I’m missing to get “magage_pagess permissions”?


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