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Slot Machines

There are few game genres which can boast the same kind of rich history that slot machines can. The hugely popular gambling games have been around for over 100 years, but the versions available to play now are a million miles apart from their original ancestors. In the early 1900s, players would find slot machines in saloons. These games were mechanically operated and required players to pull a lever to spin the three reels. Fast forward to 2020 and there are now online slots with varied features and gameplay, along with 3D slots in real-world casinos with enhanced graphics and game mechanics. It really is amazing how far they have come. In the next stage of the evolution of slots, developers are working towards combining these web-based and real-world slots in virtual reality.

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3D slot machines are the latest state-of-the-art machines on the market. They are the same size as traditional slot machines, but are fully computerized and the reels are shown on a video screen. This allows for better graphics, as well as side games which open up on a new screen away from the traditional reels.

Online slot games are also featuring innovative 3D graphics and other effects as developers continue to create games that push the boundaries of the technology available. New mechanics and graphics are introduced each year and often lead to other developers replicating the ideas. Soon after Microgaming released the Jurassic Park slot which had parallax scrolling effects, other studios strived to introduce this visual innovation. The way the big developers copy from one another can give an insight as to what may happen in the future for slot machines.

VR, in particular, could bring about new innovations in the way slot machines are played online and in real-world settings. Some major developers of online slot games are working towards taking them forward in their evolution and making them available for VR users. VR is expected to boom in the next few years, with projections saying the industry will be worth $209.2 billion in 2022. Online casinos will likely play a big part in this growth, and seeing as slot machines are some of the most played casino games it would be reasonable to assume that most of them will be in VR at this stage.

NetEnt is one of the leading developers when it comes to VR 3D slot games. The online casino software developer has already created Gonzo’s Quest VR and Jack’s World VR. Both games have been met with strong critical approval. If games like these take off it could change the way slots are played online as well as in the real world. This is because other developers will be looking to get in on the action and compete with the NetEnt titles. Other NetEnt titles, such as Disco Danny, could be taken to the next level: this retro, 1970s-style slot features golden disco balls as as well as a character who could be described as a mix between Elvis Presley John Travolta. Being able to start dancing to the slot’s soundtrack with the character leaping out of the screen would bring the experience to a whole new level.

VR could also be used as a space-saver in real-world casinos. At present, casinos can only offer as many slot machines as their floor space allows. But if there are VR zones within the gambling houses where players can pick up a headset and choose a game, the possibility of adding thousands of games will become real. Online casinos have never been limited in terms of how many slots they can offer and, if VR is introduced, land-based casinos could compete with their online counterparts again.

3D slots are all the rage right now, but they could be about to be enhanced further with the introduction of VR. The new technology hasn’t taken off yet, but experts expect that to happen in the near future. VR could certainly change the game for both land-based and online casinos, and land-based casinos may have the opportunity to catch up with their online relatives in terms of revenue. These are exciting times for fans of the reel spinning games as they enter the next stage of their evolution.

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