Danny A. Abeckaser launches new crime film ‘I Love Us’

Filmmaker Danny A. Abeckaser has announced that his next release will be the family crime drama I Love Us. The film will delve into the relationship between a seasoned thief who vows to give up his criminal ways when he finds true love. Once tragedy strikes, however, the thief is forced to accept one last job to keep his new family together.

I Love Us will be Abeckaser’s fourth directorial effort in as many years, following the crime films First We Take Brooklyn (2018), Mob Town (2019), and Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story (2020). All three films displayed Abeckaser’s natural talent for telling emotionally-charged crime stories, and I Love Us looks as though it’s going to follow suit.

The upcoming film boasts a stellar ensemble cast made up of Katie Cassidy, Robert Davi, David James Elliot, Jackie Cruz, Greg Finley and Harlow Jane. Katie Cassidy will play one of the daughters of the main character, and is the real-life daughter of 70s singer David Cassidy.

Danny A. Abeckaser will play the main role himself, which makes sense given his impressive string of screen credits. He appeared in Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated film The Irishman (2019), alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and he is slated to appear in the upcoming mob epic Lansky opposite Sam Worthington and Harvey Keitel. He’s able to bring tremendous depth to gangsters on screen, and the fact that he has worked with some of the greatest actors of all time only compounds his screen presence.

Abeckasker stated that the emotional context of I Love Us is what drew him to the story in the first place. “When I was presented with this script, I was blown away by the story and immediately could not get it out of my mind”, he recalled. “It was a touching moral journey that I wanted to tell, not only through directing but also by portraying Sammy Silver (the lead) as I envisioned him upon reading the script. I am excited to bring this film to life through our incredible cast.”

I Love Us will be a joint production between Wild7Films, Above the Clouds, and Abeckaser’s own production company, 2B Films. Abeckaser founded the company in 2013, and has gone on to produce all of his releases to date, as well as documentaries and dramas by filmmakers like Kevin Asch. Abeckaser actually served as a producer on Asch’s latest release, Holly Roller, which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival.

Abeckaser assured fans that the production of I Love Us will adhere to all COVID-19 regulations, and that the cast and crew safety will be put first. “In such a difficult and evolving time for both the world and the film industry, I am grateful to be able to contribute to both job creation and content creation. We are abiding by all production guidelines to shoot in a safe way reflective of the current pandemic environment, in order to tell this great story that really resonated with me.”

I Love Us does not yet have a release date.

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