Comprehensive Blackjack Guide: How to Master Blackjack

Comprehensive Blackjack Guide: How to Master Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular game, but one that requires some time to learn. Players need to learn the basics, and then they need to start adopting complex elements like strategies into their gameplay. This article will give you an overview of how to become a blackjack master!

Basics First

Your first goal when starting with blackjack is not to immediately learn a strategy or try to card count. Those are complicated concepts, which require a certain grasp of the game to do effectively. Instead, new players should focus on learning blackjack basic rules first. The words Hit, Fold, Split and Double need to click in your brain immediately. You need to be aware of what a Bust is, and what hand will win in each round.

Personally, we believe the best way to learn blackjack is by playing. Fire up an online blackjack table in demo mode and start playing! This will let you get familiar with the rules without costing you a dime.

Starting with Basic Strategy

Once you feel familiar with blackjack’s basic concepts, it is time to learn how to play it properly. Blackjack basic strategy is an actual guide that will improve your odds of winning. It does not chase after trends or try to implement a betting system, which does not actually affect gameplay. If you play following the basic strategy, you will find yourself winning a lot more often.

This game is frequently touted as having one of the lowest house edges out there. That is true, but only if you take full advantage of the basic strategy. Once again, we recommend using a blackjack demo to get familiar with the rules. Have the guide ready in one tab, and the game in another. Swapping between the two is not all that fun, we know. As you play, you will learn it with time and will not need to look at the guide most of the time.

Some live casino blackjack tables like NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack are also an option. In that release, the dealer plays your hand for you following the basic blackjack strategy. It is a valid alternative, but the gameplay seems a bit too fast-paced for punters to learn properly. You can try it out if the first method is a bit too tedious for you.

Counting Cards

Next on the list of skills to master is card counting. The effectiveness of this is debatable at times. If you are playing an online version of blackjack, you do not need to bother with card counting. Since the decks used are virtual, the software automatically reshuffles the cards on every round.

Having said that, live casino blackjack is somewhat vulnerable to card counting. Software providers have taken steps to make it less effective. They use multiple decks and reshuffle the cards after the deck reaches a certain penetration level. Regardless, you can still use card counting here, and it will give you a slight advantage.

Master your Money

Another important skill to mastering blackjack is being good at money management. Players will only have so much money to play with, and you need to make it last. Wager too much per spin, and you will find your blackjack fun ended before the strategies you learned could help. Set aside some funds that are just for playing, and plan your bets to make that money last.

Most of us play blackjack in hopes of cashing out, and we advise you to do that frequently. Alternatively, you can save up that money and play with bigger bets in the future. That said, if you are losing too much, do not be afraid to swap back to your original wager. It is better than losing all the money you already won.

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