Community Update N.041-AUG2020 – Discord Community Edition

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Hi @everyone – Community update for you this month is mainly highlighting the new Discord Community features and some minor fit and finish changes that allowed us to turn on said features.


– Discord Update

– General Upkeep / Other Business

– Patrons and Finances

– Orators and New Regulars

Regarding the new “Community” classification, I know we’re not the first to talk at you about this feature, so instead, I’ll focus on the tangibles and what’s changed at CORE as a result.

After admin review, and special thanks to @kara for fielding some questions and rules parsing questions, we determined that there do not seem to be any major hooks for community status other than some fit and finish requirements that we currently meet or exceed, and for the server to comply with Discord’s community guidelines. (Which we do). We thus announced the intent to implement changes that would allow us to enable the community features for membership discussion (in #aux-reviews) on August 3rd, and seeing no showstopper issues we pulled the lever ~~Kronk~~ on August 7th.

– The #faqs-and-rules channel has been renamed and the @Dyno embeds therein modified to better convey both our principles and our server rules, or “bylaws”. Note that the bylaws shown in this channel are abridged variants, meant to convey the rules beyond our four principles quickly and free of edge cases. The full principles and bylaws page can be found on our website. <>

– The Discord explicit media content scanning setting has been changed from scanning only media from users without a role (which is a tiny fraction of our users, almost exclusively the100 visitors), to scanning all media content submitted by all users. It should be noted though that media content submitted in channels with the “NSFW channel” flag enabled is not subject to this scanning.

– #nsfw’s rules have been amended to include verbiage requesting a heightened degree of awareness as to whether the content was shared to the internet with consent and to prohibit the sharing of content that is ordinarily paywalled. (e.g. OnlyFans or other content that could be subject to DMCA actions)

As a result of community classification, newcomers to the server are shown a Welcome banner with directions to the #landing, #faqs-and-rules, and #announcements channels. Note that only channels that are visible to users with no roles (“everyone” in Discord parlance) can be linked via the welcome banner. We have also changed #announcements to a, you guessed it, announcements channel. #admin-business is now also receiving Discord change announcements.

The #member-spotlight channel has been archived; admittedly we’ve neglected it administratively, but I personally don’t have the time to deal with it in addition to my other CORE and IRL obligations and still get some much-needed game time in. We really liked the idea and the initial reception of the member spotlight, but it needs more attention than I personally can devote to it. If there are other ideas, and people willing to take ownership of such a “get to know other CORE members” function, let us know!

The #tv-movie channel has had its NSFW channel tag disabled. This was enabled previously to help prevent inadvertent viewing of “spoilers”, but with Discord’s new community guidance, it seemed unintuitive to have “NSFW” flagged channels (even completely “safe” ones) existing outside of our defined containment structure for that content.

Thank you to our patrons this past month!

Adamantine ($5/mo): @alexperdue444 @cmdrbranch @callmehd @gutsack @shellvicious @technoweenie @Winky @YoungMessiah

Steel ($3/mo): @hvnger @SpaceCase @thedeuze @TheRedB @wand

Iron ($1/mo): @AMclockwork @shock311 @ultraprism

Disclosing a discrepancy here: Dyno does not appear to be charging me on a monthly basis as expected. I’m currently trying to determine if this is a billing issue or normal functionality, but for now I am dropping Dyno from the expenses list while this is resolved.

August 2020

CORE budget pool: $425.87

Patreon inflow + Lancer: $55.30

Net activity: +$38.14

Expenses: $17.16

Website (AWS): $12.16 (8/3/2020)

The100: $5.00 (8/25/2020)

Income: +$55.30

Net patreon inflow: +$45.30 (8/6/2020)

Lancer’s budget input: + $10.00 (8/1/2020)

We’ve drawn our Orators for the month: @Poogasthe13th and @mdremel will be sitting in on the #admin-business channel as voices from/for the line membership. Thank you to @Rhys and @Kamo for your time this past month!

Orators is an admin transparency method where two regulars or proven participate in the #admin-business channel each month as representatives of the line membership. If you’d like to opt-in for Orator selection, go to #role-assignment and click the :raised-hands: reaction to opt into the Candidates role.

Give a welcome fully into CORE as a regular to @DanOverkills and @m2drox ! :Rare: :Rare:

You can now see #aux-reviews and use the ;rep @Sethlans#4642 command to add reputation to users, especially to any auxiliaries you think should bump up to full membership. Feel free to give any rep you want retroactively as well, including to friends you invited in. If for some reason you aren’t in one of our clans at the moment, @ any Admin or me and we’ll get that fixed.

On a personal note, I want to apologize for the delay in getting yet another community update out to you all. I know I’ve said this multiple times lately, but when I say it’s been a busy month I mean that my wedding was last month, and I’m freshly back from the honeymoon at the time of this posting. Thank you to al the well wishes received, the admin team for fielding various items during my time away, and to you all for respecting my time during the big day. Given the pandemic and related circumstances, all went well with both the wedding and honeymoon, and we feel that even if our rescheduled reception does not occur as planned, we still did “the day” right.

Now on to D2 solstice grind and a fortnight of quarantine for yours truly. :mask:

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